Neighborhood Spotlight: Kalorama

Kalorama is a distinguished and storied neighborhood with classic estates owned by high-profile DC residents. From Mediterranean-style to Colonial to Beaux-Arts and Georgian-revival, historic and stunning homes are abound in this charming neighborhood.

The general lifestyle of residents who live in this luxurious suburb is one of a generally understood “do not disturb” atmosphere. These peaceful streets are quiet and the population is made up of residents in high-ranking jobs like ambassadors, diplomats, cabinet secretaries, or C-suite executives.

The all-brick and ivy climbing mansions that once lined the streets surrounding Dupont Circle are now housing some of D.C.’s most prestigious residents.

The grandeur of the neighborhood is reflected in the grandeur of its residents—this also gives the neighborhood a cosmopolitan and diverse atmosphere. This is also due to the number of embassies that are located along Embassy Row on Massachusetts Avenue.

While the area has historically been home to sprawling single-family homes, there’s been a recent influx of brand-new luxury apartment buildings for the first time in its 312-year history.

Developers of these high-end buildings believe that commuters are looking for a way to escape their long commute and would be happy to pay for a luxurious apartment in Kalorama.

A few of the new and notable high-rises in the area are The Hepburn at 1901 Connecticut Ave, Holton Condominiums, A luxury tower at 2100 Connecticut, and Ora Apartments.

The housing market in Kalorama is mostly stately homes that were built in the early 20th century. The average price of a single-family home in the neighborhood is $2.13 million, a 358.3% increase from last year’s price.

Zillow reports that the median home value in Kalorama is $1,220,200 and has declined -0.1% over the past year; while the median home value in D.C. is significantly less at $567,900 and values have declined -0.8% over the past year.

While the homes are extremely beautiful and the town is serene and peaceful, there’s also plenty to do in the neighborhood—so you’ll never get bored. Activities include visiting foreign embassies, wandering art galleries, trying delicious restaurants, and exploring unique independent bookshops.

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