Why You Should Invest in an Air Purifier for Your Home

SONA air purifier

Security systems are a common safety feature homeowners prioritize adding to their properties, but there’s a silent threat that often goes unnoticed: the presence of harmful particles circulating throughout living spaces. Investing in an air purifier can protect you from pathogens, including bacteria, viruses, and mold spores. Doing so can be especially impactful on multi-generational properties or in households with members sensitive to pathogens such as COVID-19.

Certified Platinum Healthy Home by Healthy Spaces. PRK Williams Home, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

In addition to fighting pathogens, an air purifier can also decrease the lifespan of dangerous gasses, including odors and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), notorious for potentially triggering headaches, discomfort, and sickness. VOCs, including benzene, formaldehyde, and methylene chloride, can unwittingly infiltrate homes through off-gassing from paints, furniture, construction materials, and more. These specific components are a significant threat and warrant vigilant monitoring.

PRK Williams Healthy Home. Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Particulates, such as dust, dander, and pollen, also merit attention. While a small number of these particles in a home may not pose an immediate concern, their accumulation can exacerbate allergies, necessitate excessive cleaning, and negatively impact overall air quality.

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If you’re thinking of adding an air purifier to your property, SONA air purifier is an example of a major high-end product in the industry. Meticulously crafted by Healthy Spaces, the SONA features cutting-edge technology that maximizes their quality and impact.

PRK Williams Healthy Home. Cedar Rapids, Iowa

HAVEN spoke with Mario Suarez, head of business development for Healthy Spaces, to further understand the science behind how an air purifier works and how it can benefit a homeowner’s living experience. Mario explained that SONA products use an advanced ionization process to generate ions, a process similar to that in places with particularly high air quality, such as high-elevation mountain ranges and areas near actively flowing bodies of water.

Excellent air quality from negative ions found in mountains

By creating these charged plasma particles and dispersing them throughout a space, the air purifiers effectively improve indoor air quality by eliminating pathogens, gasses, and particulates. With an ionization potential that allows for maximum coverage, the products are also especially beneficial in open and airy homes with high square footage.

Mario will delve deeper into this unique process and the inspiration and development behind it in our next article comprising this four-part series. Expect to see it featured online in the next two weeks.

For questions about SONA air purifiers, reach out to Mario from Healthy Spaces at msuarez@healthyspaces.net or 602-613-4018.