Nine Great Towns Near Phoenix to Settle Down In

Phoenix is one of America’s biggest metropolitan areas, a city known for its year-round sun. It is a great place to live with a rapidly growing population of people seeking to spend time in a city with some of America’s best spas, restaurants, shopping, and golfing. It is the commercial heart of Arizona, a major American city with a rapidly growing economy.

It is a city that has seen its reputation grow in recent years as many migrate to this big city. But the big city lifestyle isn’t for everyone. Many want to live in a more quiet, peaceful environment. If you’re someone who wants to live near Phoenix but not quite within the city, there are great towns and cities in the surrounding area that provide a high-quality lifestyle.

Let’s look at nine great towns near Phoenix to settle down in.

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Paradise Valley

Paradise Valley is where many of the most affluent residents of the state reside. It is a gorgeous little city home to just under 15,000, and it has some of the best luxury real estate you can find. It is known for its top-notch restaurants and great shopping, and the golf courses, mountains, and parks within it that make it a year-round outdoor activity destination.

Queen Creek

Queen Creek is a town on the further outskirts of Phoenix that is home to a rapidly increasing population of 50,000. The population of Queen Creek has almost doubled within ten years, but it remains a great place to live. It has appealing, well-maintained parks like Desert Mountain Park and Founders Park, with lots of great trails and hiking. It is an up-and-coming destination for those seeking to make Arizona their new home.


Gilbert is a town in the Phoenix Metro area home to almost 245,000 residents. It was primarily an agricultural town before it became a popular suburb, but it still has a great farm-to-table food scene. It has great shopping with many local artisans, lots of outdoor activity options, and a historic district with tons of restaurants and boutiques.


Marana is a rapidly growing town located on the outskirts of Tucson. It is home to just over 45,000 residents but attracts many more tourists because of the great experiences it provides. Marana has top-notch dining, great golf courses in the desert, and numerous parks and trails perfect for hiking or biking. It is an active city with tons to do.

Fountain Hills

Fountain Hills is a town of roughly 25,000 just northeast of Phoenix. It is an affluent suburb home to a professional and highly educated population, with luxury real estate options and great schools. It has great parks, including Fountain Park, where the city’s famed fountain is, which used to be the tallest fountain in the world.


Goodyear is a town to the west of Phoenix with a rapidly growing population, now home to over 86,000. It consistently ranks among the best places to live in Arizona, and it is easy to see why. It has nearby desert-mountain parks that make for great hiking, great sports venues, and multiple lakes and rivers nearby, perfect for cooling off.

Litchfield Park

Litchfield Park is a small city located about 20 miles west of Phoenix, home to about 6,000 residents. It is a quieter suburb with a small-town atmosphere and a very residential feel, perfect for raising a family. It has nearby luxury resorts and spas like The Wigwam, great golfing, hiking, camping, and even a zoo.


Chandler is the fourth largest city in Arizona, home to over 250,000 residents. It is a rapidly growing center of innovation and technology with a thriving local economy. Chandler is known as a great place to live with a vibrant local art and culture scene, a diverse and welcoming community, and tons of great outdoor Arizona activities.


Sahuarita is a town of roughly 30,000 located to the south of Tucson. Sahuarita is a pleasant town with numerous small bodies of water within and nearby, offering some respite from the Arizona heat. Money Magazine has ranked it as one of the best places to live in America due to the appealing small-town feel, proximity to great economic opportunity, and numerous outdoor attractions nearby.