Examining the Palm Royale Aesthetic and Incorporating it into Your Palm Beach Home

Palm Royale S1, E3 | Courtesy of Apple TV+

With its opulent country clubs and white-sand beaches, Palm Beach has maintained an established reputation for decades as a sanctuary for the rich and famous. Palm Royale, Apple TV’s new hit series, delves into the 1960s country club lifestyle in Palm Beach and the battle for status and power among the upper class. A comedic gem adorned with ample glamor and an outstanding cast, it has drawn a large viewership, owing much to its captivating aesthetic.

What is the Palm Royale Aesthetic?

Palm Royale highlights the stunning style of Palm Beach in the 1960s, emphasizing the opulent yet refined taste of the country club elite. Subtlety was hardly a virtue in the late 1960s, and the sophisticated flair of the area’s residences and country clubs was nothing short of eye-catching and vibrant. This lavish style, combined with the Florida pastel palette and radiant, sunny colors, created something truly unique.

In crafting the Palm Royale aesthetic, the set designers consulted historians and interior design experts, including the Preservation Foundation of Palm Beach. The series also drew heavy inspiration from the works of Slim Aarons, a photographer renowned for his glamorizing, colorful photographs of the upper-class world. With each of the show’s characters assigned a different palette and style, their homes ranged from neoclassical to Italian-style villas. Palm Royale has established itself as an accurate representation of the homes and country clubs of the Palm Beach aristocracy during the late 1960s, inspiring many viewers.

An example of this style in action on the show is evident in the home of Norma Dellacorte, a signature character known as the “queen of Palm Beach.” Her home mirrors her extravagant persona, with a lush coral exterior and an interior adorned with opulent features. Inside, visitors encounter black-and-white tiled flooring, furniture with baroque and renaissance flair, and in the powder room, a stylish makeup area complete with a custom-crafted mirror.

Incorporating the Palm Royale Aesthetic into Your Home

For those inspired by the design ethos of Palm Royale and eager to infuse it into their own abodes, there are several ways to do so. The key is to push minimalism to the side, aiming for old-world elegance combined with quintessential American extravagance. Rich layered textures and bursts of color play pivotal roles.

While crystal chandeliers are a popular recurring interior element of the show, they merely scratch the surface. Palm tree-themed designs are abundant, alongside animal prints, extravagant gold finishes, antique items, and velvet furniture.

Palm Royale S1, E2 | Courtesy of Apple TV+

Contrasting the opulence of Palm Beach in the show is West Palm Beach, boasting a drastically different style that also lends itself to home decor. These sets exude a distinct mid-century modern vibe, characterized by pastel tones and neon hues.

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