Muskoka Retreat by Lori Morris: An Iconic Addition to Cottage Country

Muskoka has long been Canada’s premier destination for summer homes. Its sparkling blue lakes with exquisite cottages dotting the shores, along with the region’s charming communities, have captured the hearts of buyers for generations. Recently, renowned interior designer Lori Morris completed her redesign of a stunning lakefront estate in the heart of cottage country. This newly reimagined home showcases Morris’s trademark blend of opulence and sophistication, evident in her projects worldwide. 

Morris’s design for the cottage revolves around the quintessential purpose of family retreats: a haven for gathering and relaxation on summer days. The main living room features a sprawling communal couch, adorned with flashes of color from pillows and wall art. Towering two-story windows frame picturesque views of the nearby lake, giving the home a classic Muskoka ambiance. 

Driven by a desire to create a family-centric retreat, Morris spared no effort in outfitting the interior with every conceivable amenity. The grand dining area stands out as one of the home’s highlights. An exquisite light fixture hangs above a massive dining table, ideal for accommodating large gatherings. Natural elements provide a rustic backdrop, with an exposed stone wall and a prominent wood centerpiece anchoring the space.

Morris’s penchant for seamlessly blending contemporary design with organic elements shines through in every corner of the home. Inspired by Muskoka’s natural beauty, she incorporated materials such as wood and rattan, alongside luxurious touches like leather furnishings, woolen textiles, and floral motifs, resulting in a harmonious fusion of styles. 

The kitchen is one of the property’s most captivating spaces, boasting gorgeous custom cabinetry and elegant hanging rattan light fixtures that immediately capture attention. The cabinets and counters align in color, featuring a monochromatic white palette with a pop of color from the light blue floral tile backsplash, adding to the room’s appeal. 

The primary bedroom, also maintaining a monochromatic white palette, exudes comfort and elegance. Its ensuite bathroom is a sanctuary of indulgence, featuring opulent overhead lighting, ornate cabinets, dual gold sinks, and a sumptuous soaking tub set against a picturesque window. 

Designed with whimsy and charm, the children’s rooms are idyllic spaces crafted to inspire lasting memories, complete with bunk beds for hosting friends and fostering shared cottage experiences, further enhancing the property’s communal allure. Learn more about Lori Morris Design in Muskoka here