Bringing the Freshest Air In: How SONA Air Purifier Technology Mimics the World’s Cleanest Environments

Homeowners crave a clean and healthy environment, especially in highly congested urban areas where negative air quality threats like bacteria, gasses, and particulates are prevalent. Many homeowners have embraced the benefits of ionized air purification technology, such as Healthy Space’s SONA air purifier, and have seen its positive results. But where did this technology come from? 

Albert Einstein, one of history’s most esteemed minds, is credited with pioneering modern air purification technology in the 1940s. While his sister suffered from tuberculosis, Einstein noticed that her breathing improved while she was in the Swiss Alps. Through research, he discovered that the air in the Alps contained more negative ions than the city where she lived. He subsequently developed a technology based on Dielectric Barrier Discharge (DBD), which created many negative ions within indoor settings. SONA Technology has revitalized Einstein’s concept with modern advancements. The creator of SONA’s air purifiers, James Baik, explains, “You will read about 2-3,000 negative ions in clean environments such as high up in the mountains, waterfalls, ocean, etcetera. You will find almost zero negative ions in the downtown of any major city with heavy traffic,” he said. “SONA technology is simply mimicking the natural environment.”

Negative ions are nature’s way of purifying the air we breathe, and SONA technology utilizes these to create superior air quality in a home, allowing homeowners to experience the same ion levels found in natural environments. 

In addition to delivering advanced air purification, the SONA system is also built to the highest standards, boasting superior durability and longevity. Constructed with chrome-plated stainless steel and aluminum to resist corrosion and rust, they also hold UL94 certification. These energy-efficient units consume only 12 watts of power and have a straightforward maintenance process. Also, they are mercury-free and backed by an industry-leading 10-year warranty. 

Homes which incorporate the SONA system can be eligible for the Healthy Homes Certification program, comprising four categories ranging from bronze (lowest) to platinum (highest). Technicians audit homes and assign a score baed on several criteria, with some considerations including air quality, usage of advanced water purification systems, and innovative design features that improve the health of indoor spaces. The cutting-edge technology of SONA air purifiers allowed one home with the system to recently earn a platinum certification at Iowa’s Parade of Homes event. 

A PRK Williams Building Group home recently featured in Iowa's Parade of Homes, with a Platinum Healthy Homes Certification

Mario Suarez, Head of Business Development for Healthy Spaces, explained the company’s key aim in creating the air purifiers: “Healthy Spaces is on a mission to redefine the future of indoor spaces, by taking a healthy spaces approach,” he said. “Similar to how a smart home has features that control various functions of a home, a healthy home has features that focus on the control of keeping the indoor spaces healthy for building occupants.” In alignment with this mission, Healthy Spaces has partnered with PRK Williams Building Group, a home builder and developer in Iowa, to implement SONA technology into their homes. This is just part of their broader mission to make air purifiers a common feature in homes across the United States. 

We will dive deeper into how SONA air purifiers work in part three of this four-part series. Expect to see it featured online in the next two weeks.

For questions about SONA air purifiers, reach out to Mario from Healthy Spaces at or 602-613-4018.