Key Things to Consider Before Embarking on a Large-Scale Landscaping Project

Courtesy of Wade Pool & Landscape Design

Even homeowners with extensive experience in home improvement would be doing themselves a disservice by overlooking the positive impacts of professional landscapers. Especially as spring gets into full swing, you may be considering making big changes to your front or back yard. HAVEN connected with Wade Pool & Landscape Design, based in Maryland. They provided us three key things to consider when beginning a large-scale landscaping project, which are listed and described below.

Rules & Regulations

Various complicated regulations and requirements, intended to maintain a safe neighborhood environment, govern homeowners undergoing substantial landscaping redesigns or outdoor renovations. Some of these regulations include restrictions on the height of structures such as fences or hedges, sediment control measures, and tree-preservation regulations. These rules can be particularly extensive in areas near bodies of water.

Courtesy of Wade Pool & Landscape Design

Permits & Approvals

Acquiring permits and approvals from relevant authorities is essential before commencing a major project. Some contractors bypass the permit approval process, which could lead to undesirable consequences. The process can vary based on the laws that apply to your project, but generally, it involves consulting with planning and zoning departments and submitting a permit application.

Who You Work With

Wade Pool & Landscape Design emphasizes that working with a team that thoroughly understands these regulations and the permit approval process can ensure that you do not end up with fines and penalties, long delays, a redo of your project, or a forced end to your project. For instance, Wade Pool & Landscape Design takes various precautions to ensure a legal process. They maintain the licensing and insurance required and ensure all employees have the knowledge to conduct the project professionally and in compliance with local regulations. So before beginning your project, it is wise to work with a landscaping design team to prevent any obstacles.

Courtesy of Wade Pool & Landscape Design

Wade Pool & Landscape Design is the go-to team for homeowners in Maryland’s Anne Arundel County. As a family-run business serving the area for decades, they offer full-service landscape and pool design with a reputation for premier customer service and adept handling of complex issues. Learn more at their website.