Caleb Funk: At the Intersection of Real Estate and Entertainment in New York City

715 9th Ave APT 5RN, New York, NY 10019
Caleb Funk

Written by Breck Hapner


In the heart of New York City, where the real estate market is as dynamic and competitive as the lights of Broadway, Caleb Funk stands out as a beacon of multidisciplinary talent. As a licensed BOND real estate agent who also stars in two New York City off-Broadway shows, Singfeld! A Musical About Nothing! at The Theater Center and Do Re Mi at The J2 Spotlight Musical Theater Company, Funk represents a unique intersection between the worlds of entertainment and real estate. These theatrical endeavors not only showcase Funk’s versatility as an artist but also reflect his ability to connect with diverse audiences—a skill that proves invaluable in real estate.

Visibility and Success are Paramount

Whether guiding clients through the complexities of the New York City housing market or bringing characters to life on stage, Funk believes in creating memorable experiences, aiming to leverage his visibility and success in off-Broadway productions to enhance his brand and reputation in the real estate industry. “I make sure that everyone in the [theatrical] company is aware of my real estate career. Also, with every production I am in, I include that I am a licensed real estate agent in the bio.”

Funk believes that the symbiosis between his real estate career and theatrical pursuits are emblematic of the broader relationship between New York City’s real estate and entertainment sectors. He sees the city’s vibrant cultural scene as a direct influence on the real estate market, as residential areas are also known for their theaters, galleries, and performance spaces. For professionals like Funk, navigating these two industries means understanding how one area can complement and drive the other.

“As a performer, some skills I have are to listen closely to my fellow actors, react in a moment’s notice, and to think quickly on my feet, which tie in very well to the real estate market,” said Funk. “I have to listen to my clients, I have to react quickly to their needs, and stay aware of what is available. Be able to act quickly, to set them up for success with finding their dream home.”

Moreover, Funk’s dual career facilitates a natural fusion of networks. Contacts made in the theater world can become real estate clients or referrals, just as real estate clients can become supporters of his stage work. This seamless integration of professional spheres not only enhances Funk’s business opportunities but also contributes to a vibrant community that supports both the arts and the real estate market.

“At this point, networking should be my middle name. I make sure to slide into any conversation, ‘I am a real estate agent,’ because you never know where it will lead. Every connection is a connection. I have helped many actors, singers [and] entertainers find a place to call home,” said Funk. “It is the same for when I am on a [property] showing, I love to talk about my theatrical experiences. They want to see that I have a heart, and I have dreams. It’s how I connect with my clients.”

Caleb Funk (left) performing in Singfeld! A Musical About Nothing!

Understanding Needs & Preferences: Niche Expertise

Funk’s story also highlights the evolving nature of professional identities in the modern world. The traditional notion of having a single career path is becoming increasingly outdated, especially in a multifaceted city such as New York. 

From a real estate perspective, Funk’s involvement in the arts provides him with unique insights into the desires and needs of a particular client demographic: creative professionals. His firsthand experience in the entertainment industry equips him with a deep understanding of what artists seek in a living space, be it proximity to performance venues, soundproof accommodations for rehearsals, or simply an environment that inspires creativity. This niche expertise distinguishes Funk in a crowded market, allowing him to cater to clients who might otherwise feel overlooked.

When seeking an abode, “[the] New York City entertainment industry certainly brings many Broadway performers and actors to neighborhoods like Midtown West and Hell’s Kitchen, [which are] close to the Broadway houses, off-Broadway theaters. Thus, living close by is very appealing,” said Funk. “However, there are huge numbers of actors and performers who live in Hamilton Heights and Washington Heights. These neighborhoods offer immense amounts of space while being able to find a lower rent price.”

Funk has observed particular trends guiding entertainment professionals in their housing or investment endeavors in NYC. “For those that are fortunate enough to book a Broadway show or consistently have work on Broadway, they navigate their housing towards a studio or one-bedroom in the midtown locations, to be close to Broadway. Overall, due to the fact that theater is never a guaranteed career, most actors and performers choose neighborhoods and price points where they can thrive whether or not they are currently in a show.” 

Embracing the Full Spectrum

Funk’s journey encourages a reevaluation of success and fulfillment in one’s career trajectory. It suggests that the most rewarding paths often integrate our passions, talents, and professional aspirations, even across seemingly disparate fields. 

“My advice to anyone looking to have a parallel career is that they be ready to put in the time and energy to being fully connected with both careers. Because it is the only way you will find success: realizing that there will be sacrifices. It is a gift that I can do both careers.”