E! Entertainment Co-Founder Alan Mruvka Lists His Miami Paraiso Bay Home

“The City of Miami is the future of Miami. I always choose my residence around where the cultural centers are.”

What attracted you to this area?

The City of Miami is the future of Miami. I always choose my residence around where the cultural centers are. With Edgewater surrounded by the Design District, Wynnwood, and Downtown Miami, and with the beach just across the causeway, Paraiso Bay in Edgewater is my perfect place to live.

What are your favorite qualities of this home?

My passion is contemporary architecture and design, this home exemplifies both. It’s just a really cool place to live and spend your days. It definitely has the “WOW” factor, and that’s what I love!

We are all about luxury lifestyles at HAVEN. Could you tell us what a regular day looks like in the life of the founder of E?

I couldn’t be more thankful then when spending my days in my Miami home, I wake up and go out to my table on my thousand square foot deck overlooking the beautiful Miami bay, I usually read and work until lunch, then pick one of the many amazing restaurants in the area (the food court in the design district is fantastic), then back for a work out and finish my day. When in Miami I try to always get some sun, beach or pool time almost every day. I go out for dinner every night so I pick one of my favorite spots for a great dinner. TVs are on in every room in my home all day long (including on my deck), from E! to CNBC I need to know what’s going on in the world at all times. I’m a news and gossip junky.

Are you going to continue to own in South Florida or are you out?

Since attending the Architecture school at the University of Miami, South Florida has always been like a second home to me, I love it and will always have a residence in Miami but also love the design process, so I’ll always be buying, designing and flipping, it’s in my  blood.

Are there any local hotspots that you would suggest to someone that is moving in here?

I rotate between my favorite restaurants every single week, Prime 112 (THE place to see and be seen), ll Gabbiano (best Italian in the country), Nobu (the best if you like sushi), Novikov and Milos (healthy seafood), and LOVE Joe’s Stone Crab (world class). O1 pizza in Wynnwood is my go-to pizza place and Swan and Komodo are a great hotspots!

Is there anything you would want a potential home buyer to know?

Don’t ever be afraid to buy, Miami real estate is the best buy for the money and will always go up. Miami’s growth is just starting. It’s one of the great cities going forward.

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