Discussing Connecticut’s Most Charming Suburb with Jennifer Ruspini

I’m Jennifer Ruspini of Ruspini Realty locally owned and operating in Westport, CT for the last ten years. I would like to tell you why I have fallen in love with Milford and this luxuriously exquisite, yet comfortable home I have just listed for $2,300,000 located at 50 Eveningside Drive.

I’ve always lived, worked and vacationed within 20-30 minutes of Milford. Since I began investing in the city, I became more in synch with the alluring scenic views as well as convenient access to metro north. You cannot help but be captivated by the shoreline and beautiful parks, you are surrounded by coastal living. Outside of the fact that Milford is known as a suburb of New York City with a population of 50,000 +, it seems to me, to be one of the best places to live in Coastal Connecticut. Situated along the Long Island Sound, Milford is your best bang for your buck when considering the value of homes in general. It has the suburban feel so many people desire with easy access to restaurants, bars, shopping, and natural environments like Silver Sands State Park & Charles Island.

Everyone can appreciate a waterfront property, especially when you are greeted by spectacular views of Long Island Sound when you walk out your door. Therefore, I invite you to come and experience this exceptional property with grand foyer inside and a grand water oasis outside; all lush and private, all yours with an incredible value.

Milford possesses the same quaintness and charm that one might find in Cape Cod or Martha’s Vineyard and Rhode Island. Milford offers the same caliber of lifestyle without the expensive price tag as our neighboring towns. Perfect for people who want sea side living without the over marketed tourist affect. It’s your perfect escape, just over an hour from Manhattan, which provides ease and convince for your chance at paradise.

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