What To Wear To Your Hamptons Labor Day House Party

As summer draws to a close and everyone is trying to sneak in one last summer party, it’s hard to keep track of the social calendar as event after event gets jammed onto the schedule. But have no fear, the Hamptons’ never-ending itinerary of lavish parties just got a little easier with our tips to keep each outfit fresh for any occasion. We’ve got the best trends to showcase at your next bash.

To The Max

With minimal effort, this summer classic is ideal for a beach to party look. The versatility of a maxi dress suits casual and upscale events alike a perfect addition to any wardrobe. Whether you’re embracing floral prints or crochet knit material, you’ll definitely turn up the heat.

White Out

Show off your golden tan with hues of white. The Hampton summer color staple is a must for galavanting around town. Always impeccably fresh, turn heads in a classic smock or play up your look with unique details.

Cold Shoulder

Take the plunge with a statement monokini ideal for a pool party. Yet, this isn’t your ordinary monokini. Revitalize this summer favorite with a fun and flirty one strap detail.