“Versailles in Manhattan” a One-of-a-Kind Upper East Side Home

New York City is home to some of the grandest, most luxurious architecture in America. The city dates back to the early days of American excellence and is well-known the world over for its opulence and grandeur. But even in New York City, where luxury and extravagance are par for the course, some buildings or properties stand out for their sheer architectural audacity and borderline over-the-top opulence. One of those properties, which is currently on sale for a lucky buyer, is the “Versailles in Manhattan” townhome.

Within the boundaries of Manhattan, you’re not likely to find many massive mansions and miles-long estates. Manhattan is as tightly populated as any place in America, and rather than build width-wise, most of Manhattan is built vertically to accommodate as many people as possible. That is why, despite the incredibly high property prices, most of the most expensive residences in the city tend to be condominiums or townhouses.

The townhouses in Manhattan tend to be some of the most historic and pricy properties available. Versailles in Manhattan appears from the outside to be very similar to the other brick townhouses that line 64th Street on the Upper Eastside. These townhouses, while relatively inconspicuous upon a glance, are some of the most iconic and sought-after properties in New York City. And Versailles in Manhattan stands apart from the rest for its incredible interior design.

As you can undoubtedly tell from the house’s nickname, Versaille in Manhattan takes a considerable amount of influence from France. The house is greatly inspired by Versailles, the famed palace mere miles away from Paris proper. With its opulent artwork, high ceilings, and Parisian-influenced furniture, the home’s interior looks like it was pulled straight from the 18th-century French aristocracy.

The home owner is Ken Laub, a well-known real estate magnate who is also a significant presence in the Broadway and off-Broadway production sphere. Laub has been living in the home for over 35 years, and the home’s unique look is the product of Laub and designer Ronald Bricke’s creativity.

The home is considered a work of art, and within it, many different pieces give the property that status. It is complete with 18th and 19th-century chandeliers from France, Venice, and Russia. There are incredible replicas of Jean-Honoré Fragonard art pieces in the music room from the Frick Museum in New York City.

It is not just the home’s design and style influenced by the past; it is the home itself. The house was built in 1872 by the architect John G. Prague, and according to Nest Seekers International, it was created in the Neo-Georgian architectural style. Several of the home’s original features remain, including original pine wood paneling from 1872.

The home’s opulent flourishes are from renovations done by Laub once he moved in, and according to Yahoo Finance, these notable changes are a reflection of who he is. “To understand this house,” said Laub to Yahoo. “You need to understand a little bit about my life, because this house is truly a piece of me.”

The home’s amenities are as incredible as the various features that set it apart. It has a service entrance, a heated sidewalk for combating winter weather, an elevator, a gym, and a rooftop garden. The second floor is also perfect for hosting guests, with a surround-sound system and microphone and recording capabilities. The second floor can host up to 150 guests, and the home is known for hosting some big names, including Liza Minelli, Bob Hope, and Alan Thicke.

The house is much more spacious than you could typically find in New York, with 15 rooms, eight fireplaces, and eight marble baths. The home has been on the market for some time, as it takes the right buyer to acquire a home as unique and ornate as this one. It is currently being listed for $19.5 million. While this is, of course, not a low price, for such an incredible home with a rich history in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, it is almost a steal.

Versailles in Manhattan is a unique property that stands out from the pack, even in a city like New York filled with opulence and history. This house is a one-of-a-kind find, and one lucky buyer will get to live in a little slice of France in Manhattan.



15 Rooms | 5 Bedrooms | 8.5 Bathrooms | 8,000 Sq ft | 20 Ft Wide | 20 Ft Deep. | WebID 1830410 | Tour Video: 163 East 64th Street https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9nvQqyjU2kE


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