The Appeal of the Twin Cities Urban Lifestyle

Minneapolis | Kevin Nalty

The cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul comprise Minnesota’s largest metropolitan area and are standout destinations for buyers. Let’s explore the appeal of the Twin Cities urban lifestyle.

Inexpensive Housing in a Major Economic Center

In most major American cities, high prices can drive away many interested homebuyers. One great thing about the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area is that home prices are relatively low, especially considering the number of high-paying job opportunities there. Both cities present housing prices below the national average. In September 2023, Minneapolis’s median sale price was approximately $328,000, and St. Paul’s was $294,000, according to Redfin.

The Twin Cities are a regional economic superpower offering a variety of lucrative job opportunities. Minneapolis is home to the headquarters of Fortune 500 companies such as Target, U.S. Bancorp, and Xcel Energy. St. Paul, the capital of Minnesota, has a massive amount of public sector jobs available. 

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Incredible Scenery to Explore

Despite being a bustling metropolis, the Twin Cities offer residents plenty of scenic outdoor spaces, both within the city and on its outskirts. 

Minneapolis, renowned for its scenic waterfront areas, has 13 lakes in the city alone. Residents can enjoy activities like boating and fishing in the warm months of the year or go hiking along trails in its delightful parks.

Similarly surrounded by gorgeous waterways, including the Mississippi and Minnesota Rivers, St. Paul features renowned hiking hotspots with breathtaking scenery. To escape the city’s hustle and bustle, visit Como Regional Park or Harriet Island Regional Park to immerse yourself in the greenery and blue waterways for which Minnesota is famed. 

Lake of the Isles, Minneapolis

Countless Cultural Attractions

If you seek a vibrant city with pleasant cultural attractions, both Minneapolis and St. Paul fit the bill. These large cities have cultures that ensure residents always have something to do. 

The Twin Cities house excellent museums, including the Minneapolis Institute of Art, the Walker Art Center, and the Science Museum of Minnesota. Also, they share seven professional sports teams, encompassing all the major U.S. sports, providing a constant stream of live entertainment throughout the year.

Both cities additionally feature eclectic food scenes. Whatever cuisine you love, you’ll likely discover numerous restaurants specializing in it in the Twin Cities. 

The Twin Cities’ distinct neighborhoods provide many residential options and differing paces of life as well. Minneapolis’s Uptown is a hotspot for culinary offerings and shopping, and St. Paul’s Como Park is a leafy neighborhood with historical homes and a park ideal for families.

Downtown Saint Paul | Javier Quiroga

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