A Guide to the Top Cities to Live in Canada

Vancouver | Aditya Chinchure

Let’s look at some of the best major cities to live in Canada that potential buyers should consider targeting. 

Calgary, AB

Calgary, the center of Canada’s energy industry, blends a powerful economy with a relatively affordable housing market, which is exceedingly hard to find. Located in the foothills of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, this rapidly growing city features skyscrapers, a celebrated food scene, and a unique culture. The city annually hosts the renowned Calgary Stampede, Canada’s biggest summer event. 

Calgary | patrick mcvey

Ottawa, ON

The nation’s capital is a scenic city on the Ottawa River. Known for its iconic architecture, such as Parliament Hill, this picturesque metropolis has plenty to offer buyers. From a robust economy that includes numerous government jobs to a delicious international food scene, Ottawa has it all. The city’s nationally renowned museums, coupled with its picturesque parks and tranquil waterfront hiking trails, provide residents with an abundance of attractions and natural beauty.

Ottawa | Chelsey Faucher

Toronto, ON

Canada’s largest city is a massive global hotspot and one of the world’s most multicultural cities. Toronto boasts a world-famous skyline, an immensely powerful economy, and many distinct neighborhoods. Toronto’s culinary landscape is one of the best on the continent, with an incredible array of offerings. Its acclaimed museums, including the Royal Ontario Museum and the Art Gallery of Ontario, are some of the best in the country. 

Art Gallery of Ontario | Green Hedge Realty Inc., Brokerage

Quebec City, QC

Quebec City is a little slice of Europe in Canada. Nestled along the Saint Lawrence River, this historic community’s old town area dates back centuries. With captivating buildings, narrow streets, and famed churches that hearken to days past, Quebec City is one of the country’s top destinations for architecture enthusiasts. Among Canada’s prominent cities, Quebec City stands out for its affordability, specifically due to its notably low housing costs. Also, the city features a spectacular dining culture.

Quebec City | Livia Widjaja

Montreal, QC

Montreal, Quebec’s largest city, is a thriving urban center along the Saint Lawrence River with a significant economy and an affordable housing market. Blending the charm of old-world cobblestone streets with the allure of modern, glistening neighborhoods adorned with towering skyscrapers, the city seamlessly merges the past and the present. And its culinary scene is one of the best in the country.

Montreal | Daniel Baylis

Vancouver, BC

Vancouver is a global destination ideal for those who desire to be surrounded by natural beauty. This coastal community has stunning scenery, including sandy beaches and nearby mountains. Although Vancouver may be Canada’s most expensive place to live, its lifestyle benefits consistently attract new residents. It has a booming tech sector, delectable dining destinations, and many attractions, including the Granville Island Public Market and the sprawling Stanley Park. 

Stanley Park | Wenhao Ji

Halifax, NS

Halifax, a historic East Coast community, is the biggest city in the Maritime provinces and a major emerging area in Canada. Its scenic urban environments and historic attractions have made it one of the premier places to live in the country. Halifax has a strong economy driven by a growing tech sector and a substantial student population attending Dalhousie University, one of the country’s premier institutions. With its vibrant culinary offerings and numerous city events, Halifax is a lively place to call home.

Halifax | natasha

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