Exploring Miami’s Exceptional Urban Lifestyle

Miami | Brian Lundquist

Miami’s exceptional urban lifestyle provides constant excitement and energy that attracts numerous new residents. But what sets Miami apart for buyers looking to settle in a major city? Let’s look at why Miami is among the top cities for big-city living.

Vibrant Culture

Miami is a renowned destination with a globally recognized food scene. It is especially known for its Cuban cuisine, and has upscale eateries that feature innovative dishes from Michelin-starred chefs. Boasting a phenomenal arts scene, the city also hosts acclaimed events, including the international contemporary art show Art Basel Miami Beach, scheduled for December 8th through 10th this year. It houses top-notch museums like the Perez Art Museum as well. The city’s live entertainment and dynamic nightlife attract visitors from around the world, solidifying its reputation as one of America’s liveliest big cities. And Miami’s diverse neighborhoods are ripe for exploration, from the high-rise buildings of Brickell to the vibrant atmosphere of Little Havana. 

Brickell | Blake Connally

Year-Round Sunshine and Gorgeous Scenery

Despite being a busy urban city, Miami has an abundance of gorgeous outdoor locations. Its beaches are a significant attraction, with white sand and turquoise waters perfect for swimming and angling, which you can enjoy year-round thanks to the city’s perpetually warm weather.

If you prefer to stay on dry land, stroll along a picturesque hiking trail in the gorgeous public green spaces of David T. Kennedy Park or Bayfront Park. Or take a short drive to Big Cypress National Preserve, which protects hundreds of thousands of acres of wetland. 

Big Cypress National Preserve | Lia Raby

Burgeoning Economy

One of the reasons why many choose to call Miami home is the abundance of high-paying job opportunities it offers. Miami has a significant economy, which has been rapidly growing every year. The city is by far the largest economy in Florida and has an array of thriving sectors throughout. Miami is known for its excellent finance industry and houses several global service enterprises. Companies such as Walmart, Carnival Cruise Line, and Vector Group all have major offices in the city.

In recent years, Miami has blossomed into a key technology hub. Several tech companies from across the country have set up offices in the city, such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Oracle.  

Miami | Steele Rutherford

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