Q&A: Extraordinary Live/Work Space with Realtor Shelby Ring

We spoke to realtor Shelby Ring to hear all about this stunning live/work architectural that’s on the market by architect William Dale Brantley. This high-end modern, mixed-use compound with multiple work spaces is superb and includes a chic residential penthouse!

What was the inspiration behind building this live/work compound?

This inspiration was a home perfectly tailored to their life. 1415 6th St was the second home they had designed and built for themselves, as they had already had a home built by John Lautner in Laguna Beach. They wanted to be closer to the center of things, while maintaining their privacy and access to their work. And despite being very private, they enjoyed entertaining they built a very private penthouse that is made for entertaining on top of two separate spaces. Overall, the building is one of one of the most impressive “his and hers” I’ve ever seen.

What are a few notable architectural features of this unique property?

The amazing amount of light – there are skylights everywhere, even the laundry room. One skylight is angled so that one wall is always well light, but never gets directs sunlight, so that artwork isn’t damaged by the sun. The amazing feeling of space and openness, without being ostentatious. The architect, William Dale Brantley, has a particular talent for creating spaces that just feel right and are wonderful and welcoming to be in. The construction style itself is unusual for residential buildings – it’s called Tilt-Up – and would be impossible to duplicate in this area now. The style also allows large open spaces, as the structural elements are at the exteriors. There is this beautiful teak which was used for the ceilings and built in cabinetry. It’s perfectly matching throughout the whole home, the architect chose each piece so that it would be perfect.

As an extraordinary space for living and working, is there a specific type of homebuyer that this property would appeal to?

The property has both a general appeal and will also appeal to some specific groups. The home is a privileged urban oasis that makes an amazing serene retreat while being in the middle of everything Santa Monica has to offer, which is really the best of both worlds.

Obviously, the home is built for a couple that wants to live close to their work. It’s the ultimate live/work space – with a level of aesthetics and attention to detail in the living space that his hard to find in these types of properties. And the short commute is not just to work since the property is located in one of the most walkable neighborhoods of Santa Monica and Los Angeles.

It’s also an entertainer’s dream home, perfect for small intimate gatherings all the way up. We hosted a party for 400 people and it never felt crowded or empty, people
flowed around and the caterers were over the moon with the workspace.

Another person that this home would appeal to is a collector – particularly an art or car collector – though its a special find for any kind of collector who wants to be able to have their treasures accessible while invisible to the outside. When we hosted the event, a large portion of the guests lived or worked in Santa Monica and they all said “I’ve been down this street thousands of times and had no idea this was hidden behind the exterior!” so the property remains very private. And space itself is made for display, so more unusual collectibles and large collections will be easy to display. And the home itself is unique – there is nothing like it, and given the location and the economics, nothing like it will be built in the future.

What are a couple of luxurious amenities that come with this stunning compound?

Like the best New York apartments, location, light and a sense of quiet and privacy in the middle of everything are some of the amenities.
• the workspace side of the building is set up to be able to
drive an 18 wheeler through
• the entire ground floor can have 18 foot ceilings.
• elevator accesses all three floors
• the zoning gives a large amount of flexibility on the types
of business that can use the space.
• huge amount of patio and outdoor space
• Indoor / outdoor living with patios off of every room

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