Fun Fall Activities and Events You Need to Try in Phoenix and Arizona

The fall season in Phoenix and Arizona is the time of the year when you need to step outdoors for fun fall activities. Firstly, the weather can’t get more comfortable for outdoor festivals and activities. And secondly, there’s so much fun stuff happening that’ll make you cherish the fall season in this area.

1. Arizona Harvest Fest

Are you planning to drive around Arizona to enjoy the fall festivities? Arizona Harvest Fest brings all the celebrations of fall in one place. The event sets up an annual outdoor market where you can buy holiday supplies, home décor items, apparel, jewelry, artisan gourmet foods, home services, and health and fitness services. There are several entertainment activities, thrill rides, and food and drink stalls too. Go over between 9 am to 4 pm on November 10th, and there’s no ticket needed!

2. Spot the Colors

Phoenix, Arizona, is a city vibrant with autumn-hue colors during the fall season. Whether you’re planning a hiking trip, a moonlight trek, camping, or simply catching the phenomenal sunsets, there are a bunch of places around Phoenix that serve the purpose. Some places you should add to your bucket list are Prescott National Park, Tempe Town Lake, South Mountain, Sedona, and Oak Creek Canyon.

3. Arizona State Fair

Since 1884, the Arizona State Fair has held a benchmark for one of the best carnival fairs in the country. A grand carnival that brings tens of thousands of people together every fall season, this event brings all types of enjoyment for kids and adults alike. Attend one of their live performances, participate in the grandstand events, or go on the rides with your friends. It’s from October 1st to 30th, all week except Mondays and Tuesdays. 

4. Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride

Phoenix is one of the cities in the world known for its sensational hot air balloon rides. So, if you’re thinking of fun fall activities for the upcoming season, you have to try this—experience watching the sunrise on the outskirts of Arizona on 45 minutes to 1-hour ride. There are multiple hot air balloon operators in Phoenix, such as Rainbow Ryders, so you can easily choose your preferred location and rates.

5. Schnepf Farms Pumpkin and Chili Party

Schnepf Farms, a family-owned farm that sets up a fall event annually, takes place throughout the month of October right up to Halloween night. There are all sorts of entertaining activities on the $23 ticket, like corn mazes, mini-golf, roller coaster, and spooky nights. Head over to the foods and drinks stalls, especially the BBQ and chili for which the event is famous. You can buy pumpkins to decorate your home for Halloween from here as well.

6. Ales on Rails

Ales on Rails takes the art of local and international alcohols with exquisite tastes to the next level. From beers and vodka to wines and rum, you’ll find everything aboard this train. However, it’s not just a drinking activity. This Phoenix fall event, with limited seats for each session, takes you through the city’s best tourist spots while offering a delightful array of alcohols and appetizers along the way. The next Oktoberfest is on October 8th and will feature their exotic beer selection in a 2-hour journey through Cuyahoga National Park.

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7. Phoenix Greek Festival

Celebrating their 60th anniversary, the Phoenix Greek Festival is all set to bring the authentic, fascinating Greek culture to Arizona from October 8th to 10th this fall. Dress up and dance with their live music, take your kids to the bounce area, buy one-of-a-kind Greek items, and taste mouthwatering Greek food at this festival.

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