Encore Gallery: A Full-Service Home Design Center Offering the Latest in European Interiors

A home design that reflects your unique personality and style is a pivotal component of creating the interior of your dreams. Encore Gallery, based in the Chicago area, connects U.S. homeowners, contractors, designers, and builders with a vast range of elegant, modern, and unique European home materials. 

The design center sets itself apart in the U.S. market by offering the latest products from top European brands that are guaranteed to be durable, high-quality, and reasonably priced. With timeless and innovative items of a high caliber, a home with Encore Gallery’s products will be sure to impress. 

In addition to its flagship showroom in Saint Charles, Encore Gallery has two other showrooms—one in the suburb of Berkeley and the other in downtown Chicago within the MyPlanet Living Center on Michigan Avenue. These showrooms present a vast array of remarkable products available for purchase, such as cabinetry, tiles, windows, flooring, doors, and lighting. It also has a selection of decorative art moss (custom works of art made from moss) that will bring the outdoors in and add a flash of color to any home or office space. 

As a full-service home design solution center, Encore Gallery provides top-tier service from product selection to installation. In the showrooms, the Encore Gallery team provides you with personalized assistance to help you find the products that best fit your desires and needs. After choosing your items, you can see how your home materials would look in your living spaces with the design center’s high-end 3D rendering technology. 

For big renovation projects, you can opt into Encore Gallery’s full-scale interior design service. This service involves working with a professional interior designer who will take measurements, provide consultations, and ensure a smooth installation process. 

“Encore Gallery: Modern Design. Striking Quality. Elegance worthy of an Encore.”

Once you purchase your products, there is no need to worry about transporting the items home. Encore Gallery delivers your purchased items from its facilities to your front door in a timely fashion. From there, a team of professionals thoughtfully chosen by Encore Gallery, trained to handle its items, will install those products in your living spaces. 

Encore Gallery offers a spectacular shopping experience with products imported from top global interior decorators in Europe, all available at competitive prices. Its high-quality products will enhance your living experience, increase the value of your home, and add sophistication to your home’s aesthetic. Browse through its offerings at https://encoregallery.us/. Or, if you’re in the Chicago area, check out Encore Gallery’s flagship showroom at 1950 Lincoln Highway in St. Charles.