Color Trends We Love for 2019

Tastemakers have finally released their predictions for next year’s color trends. These colors offer an exciting glimpse into some design choices we will see in 2019.

Pantone shares that empowering colors improve confidence and joyful shades take us down an exciting and creative path. Check out the full list below!

Royal Blue

Royal Blue is one of my favorite colors and I’m especially fond of it since Pantone selected the shade as one of their 2019 color trends. It calls to mind feelings of calmness or serenity, stands out in a monochromatic scheme, and is described by many as peaceful.

Sunny Yellow

Another Pantone color trend prediction for 2019 is a warm, sunny yellow. It’s energizing, happy, and the most noticeable color to the human eye. It evokes feelings of happiness, optimism, and creativity.

Tomato Red

Tomato red is a third color trend prediction from Pantone for 2019. It attracts attention more than any other color and also raises your heart rate. It is typically associated with energy, strength, passion, and love.


A fourth color trend prediction for 2019 is coral, a year-round color, especially when paired with neutrals blues and greens. Coral is a fabulous color for any space to elevate the mood!


Deep crimson is a Pantone color trend that coincides with the earthy tones trends from Sherwin-Williams. It’s warm, luxurious, and gives off a feeling of earthiness.

Cavern Clay

Sherwin-Williams brings us a beautiful color prediction for 2019, a color named Cavern Clay. They describe the color as a “warm terracotta color with ancient, elemental roots,” Isn’t it lovely?

To read the full article, check it out here!

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