Best Boating Communities in Miami

Although Miami is known for its glamorous nightclubs and kinetic energy, it’s also home to some of the best boating communities in the country. With stunning marine wildlife, incredible restaurants, and plenty of marinas, these areas offer a dreamy day on the water for any resident or visitor!

Biscayne Bay National Park is one of the best spots for boating and it’s only an hour south of Miami. With dazzling blue water and incredible coral reefs, it serves as a prime location for residents and visitors seeking a relaxing day. There are also plenty of nearby Marinas that provide easy access into the bay.

This treasured spot is also the country’s largest marine park. Dolphins, an assortment of rainbow-colored fish, and sea turtles are a few of the many aquatic species that live in the area. Added bonus: it’s completely free to the public.

If you’re looking for a more secluded spot for kayaking and canoeing, check out Jones Lagoon.

Matt Johnson, the park’s public affairs officer emphasized, “The serenity is stunning. There are so many amazing wild creatures here like the cassiopeia, or upside-down, jellyfish. Their tentacles look like plants waving in the water.”

Black Point, Located in South Miami-Dade, is home to picnic pavilions, jogging trails, and ramps for launching boats. The location even has a jetty that extends 1.5 miles into the bay. You can usually find locals grabbing a bite to eat at the Ocean Grill after a full day of boating.

In need of boating supplies? Not an issue. Boaters can purchase a variety of marine supplies and rent wet slips at the on-site shop.

Visitors also have the chance to see Florida manatees! The prevalent endangered species is typically brought to the Manatee Sanctuary for release and study. Pro tip: although this area is amazing for boating, the water also contains saltwater crocodiles – so rethink going in for a quick dip.

Coconut Grove, also known as “Miami’s Sailing Capital” or “The Grove,” is a charming laid-back spot for boating and the oldest neighborhood in Miami. Set against dazzling teal water, the area boasts bike trails, running paths, incredible waterfront dining, and plenty of space for an incredible boat ride.

Residents take pride in the fact that it’s one of the greenest neighborhoods in Miami with tons of tropical gardens, parks, and vegetation.

The area also contains several sailing clubs and marinas for easy access to docking and renting a boat. Renowned for its bohemian vibe, the Grove is the perfect spot for a fun day trip filled with boating, delicious dining, and shopping.