Why Silicon Valley and Palo Alto Are So Desirable to Buyers

Image source: cityofpaloalto.org

Silicon Valley is constantly being discussed as one of the most important regions in the United States. This stretch of land in Northern California, just south of San Francisco, isn’t clearly defined, but it includes places like San Jose and San Mateo. 40-50 years ago, Silicon Valley was like any other place in the nation, but the internet and technology boom of the 1980s and 90s began to transform it.

Silicon Valley became the center of the tech and start-up world, an economic powerhouse where many of the country’s wealthiest residents made their home. This transformed the area, driving up real estate prices, increasing populations, and creating a completely new culture.

Palo Alto is a relatively small city about a 45-minute drive south of San Francisco. It is widely considered one of the defining cities of the Silicon Valley region, and its bustling streets and natural greenery make it a great city to reside in.

Its population has grown, corresponding with the economic growth of the area. According to the World Population Review, from 1970-2000, Palo Alto’s population held steady at roughly 55,000. But from 2000-2010, the population grew over 10% to reach roughly 65,000, showing the boom this town has experienced in recent years.

Palo Alto is considered the birthplace of Silicon Valley, but what has made this city such a hot opportunity for buyers? Why has Palo Alto become such a desirable place to live? Here are some of the things that have driven Palo Alto’s growth.

Incredible Work and Education Opportunities

This is likely the biggest reason for the incredible growth that Palo Alto has experienced, in both population and national recognition. For one, it is in the heart of Silicon Valley, where established tech giants like Facebook and Google reside and where start-ups vie for seed funding from many of the different venture capitalist giants in the area. If you are someone that works in technology or a digital industry, this is the mecca.

When moving to a new place, the goal is to find somewhere with opportunity, where employment and economic growth won’t be hard to come by. This is what drives people to Palo Alto. According to their official website, Palo Alto is home to just under 70,000 people and 100,000 jobs. It has great proximity to San Francisco and the rest of the bay area, with easy transportation.

There is opportunity everywhere in Palo Alto; you are in the heart of the Silicon Valley region and exposed to some of the nation’s biggest and most important companies. It is also close to some of the best universities in the country. Stanford University is located right in Palo Alto, and it is arguably the biggest center for innovation in the nation. The University of California-Berkley is a short drive away, also one of the best-known and highest-ranking universities on the planet.

Incredible Proximity to Nature

The economic opportunities are a large driver in the growth and success of Palo Alto. Still, one of the nicest parts about living in this city is the proximity to gorgeous Northern California nature. Northern California is home to some stunning and rugged natural landscapes, and Palo Alto is only a short distance away from some incredibly beautiful areas.

East of Palo Alto is the Baylands Nature Preserve, a 1,940-acre area of undisturbed marshland, with fifteen miles of multi-use trails and mountain views in the backdrop. It is a peaceful place for hiking and contemplation and is known as one of the best bird-watching spots on the entire West Coast.

Foothills Nature Preserve is another untouched natural area, with 1,400-acres and miles of incredible trails. There are a variety of gorgeous environments in this area, including woodlands, ponds, streams, and a lake. Even animals like deer and coyotes make this preserve their home, and you have an incredible view of the Bay Area the whole way.

Image source: cityofpaloalto.org

Stunning Homes and a Great Town

Overall, Palo Alto is an incredible town with a lot to offer. Beyond the incredible opportunities for workers and students and the nearby nature, the city is a relatively quiet place with great shops, restaurants, and homes. There are high-quality, esteemed eateries and boutique shopping and large malls and well-known restaurant chains.

The area also has gorgeous real estate options, albeit expensive. Because it is home to some of the wealthiest people in the country, the luxury real estate in Palo Alto and the surrounding area is some of the best you’ll find anywhere.

Palo Alto is a gorgeous little city, with a scenic and pleasant city, great proximity to nature, and endless potential for those seeking study or employment opportunities.

Image source: cityofpaloalto.org