Vibrant Historic Towns and Cities in Alabama and Mississippi

Montgomery, AL

Alabama and Mississippi, with centuries of history, boast notable architecture, monuments, and sites. Let’s discover some historic towns and cities in Alabama and Mississippi that offer exceptional opportunities for history buffs to explore their rich narratives. 

Biloxi, MS

Biloxi is a picturesque community on the Mississippi Gulf Coast with an extensive maritime heritage. While known today for its pristine beaches and delicious seafood, its past is equally compelling. In 1699, French colonists settled in Biloxi, and the city’s historic lighthouse reflects its nautical past. 

Ocean Springs, MS

Ocean Springs is a spectacular coastal community near Biloxi. This beachy hub offers an uncrowded and inviting atmosphere, with areas for fishing, boating, and sunbathing. The city’s rich history is one of many reasons to visit, with historic residences, museums dedicated to its past, and numerous monuments and statues. 

Ocean Springs, MS | Samantha Kennedy

Starkville, MS

Starkville, a charming small town, houses Mississippi State University, the state’s largest university. This institution, over 100 years old, gives Starkville a lively college-town vibe. The city’s appealing features include a dynamic nightlife, delicious dining options, and captivating historic architecture. 

Natchez, MS

Natchez, widely regarded as the oldest city in Mississippi, stands out as one of the state’s premier destinations for history enthusiasts. Nestled along the Mississippi River, the city is home to Natchez National Historical Park. It encompasses three historical buildings, each offering its own distinct glimpse into Natchez’s heritage.

Melrose House at Natchez National Historical Park - Natchez, MS

Montgomery, AL

Alabama’s capital is a stunningly beautiful city adorned with historic architecture, including the famed State Capitol building, nearly 175 years old. Montgomery played an important role in the Civil Rights movement, with monuments and dedicated museums reflecting this legacy. 

Huntsville, AL

Huntsville, Alabama’s largest city, thrives as an urban center steeped in the state’s natural beauty. Holding a long and prosperous history, Huntsville played an instrumental role in the U.S. space program’s development, commemorated by the U.S. Space and Rocket Center. Also, having once served as the state’s capital, Huntsville features numerous historic buildings that contribute to its timeless charm. 

Huntsville, AL | Alex Robinson

Athens, AL

Athens is a small yet uniquely historic community to explore. Exuding a vibrant small-town feel, Athens showcases well-known historical residences and the state’s oldest higher education institution, Athens State University. Throughout the town, historical markers provide insights into its story, and excellent walking tours are available.

Florence, AL

Florence, a vibrant city along the shores of the Tennessee River, played a significant role in the Civil War. The area is ripe with historical attractions, including Ivy Green, Helen Keller’s birthplace in nearby Tuscumbia, and Rosenbaum House, a museum designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Rosenbaum House - Florence, AL | Courtney Pickens
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