A Look at Some of Oregon’s Most Historical Cities

Jacksonville | LS Whitmer

While Oregon’s scenery attracts many, the state also has a fascinating history. Let’s discover some ideal Oregon cities where you can get a glimpse into Oregon’s past.


Astoria is a waterfront city located near the confluence of the Columbia River and the Pacific Ocean. This charming community, steeped in natural beauty, played an essential maritime role and has historic homes throughout. Most notably, the Victorian-era Flavel House Museum, dating back well over a century, stands as a celebrated historical landmark.

Oregon City

Oregon City, situated along the Willamette River, is one of the region’s oldest cities. While it is now renowned for its craft beer and excellent food scene, this scenic community’s history is a significant part of its appeal. Oregon City served as the capital of the Oregon Territory, and it features incredible museums and landmarks dedicated to its pioneer-era past. 


Salem, Oregon’s capital city, is a bustling community with renowned architecture. Notable landmarks include the Willamette Heritage Center, featuring picturesque homes from the 19th century, and the Oregon State Capitol. Located in the Willamette Valley, surrounded by agriculture and vineyards, Salem offers abundant outdoor recreation opportunities. Also, its top-notch museums are well worth a visit.

Salem | Dan Meyers


Numerous vineyards and fruit orchards surround Medford, a well-known city among wine lovers. A popular tourist hotspot with a fascinating history, it began as a railroad community that blossomed as its agriculture industry took off. Today, home to renowned performance art centers, it is a hub for the arts and dining.


Jacksonville exudes a distinct small-town vibe that visitors love. It has nearby scenic areas and wineries, but this pleasant community’s fascinating history truly sets it apart as a must-visit destination. Jacksonville played a pivotal role in the onset of Oregon’s gold rush, flourishing as prospectors went to seek their fortunes. 

Jacksonville | LS Whitmer


Roseburg is another community known for its scenic landscapes and exceptional local wineries. With lush forests and abundant angling spots, it holds a status as an outdoor lover’s paradise. Also, it has a rich history dating back well over a century and features several local museums. Having started as a timber town, it has evolved into a famous tourist center.


Eugene, famed for its scenic parks, trails, and museums, is a thriving city and a cultural hub along the Willamette River. The town played a pivotal role in Oregon’s development, and its still-standing historical buildings and monuments add to its charm. Eugene’s delicious dining options and breweries only enhance its appeal.


Ashland is a picturesque small town celebrated for its vibrant arts scene, particularly the annual Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Swarms of visitors also go to this city to witness its historical sites. The community played a crucial role in supplying resources during Oregon’s gold rush.

Ashland | Christian Fletcher

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