Trending Home Upgrades for 2024


As we move away from 2023 and look ahead to the new year, many homeowners are gearing up to customize their future living spaces. Let’s explore some trending home upgrades for 2024. 

Biophilic Design

A substantial number of buyers prioritize biophilic design. This approach is intended to develop a sense of wellness and tranquility by treating indoor spaces as living organisms. Some ways to do so are by adding windows to enhance natural lighting and implementing organic landscape features. In an age when many seek to strengthen their connection with the outdoor world, numerous designers pursue this home design style. 


Flexible Room Usage

The traditional approach to interior design has long-defined specific functions for each room—living rooms for relaxation, kitchens for cooking, offices for work, etc. However, there is a contemporary shift as buyers increasingly seek flexibility in their living spaces, craving a more seamlessly blended atmosphere. As a result, a considerable number of homes now have multi-purpose interior spaces, mixing living rooms and offices or dining rooms and entertaining areas. This results in an integrated and practical environment, especially beneficial for those with limited space.

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Meditation and Wellness Spaces

Entering 2024, a multitude of homeowners are prioritizing their health and wellness. Creating a designated wellness space to relax through activities such as meditation or light exercise is an essential addition to a home. Often, homeowners choose a space with abundant natural light.

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Outdoor Living Rooms with Entertainment Systems

Though many locations are headed into the thick of winter, plenty of home designers and buyers are already planning for entertaining outside during the warmer months of the year by creating outdoor living spaces with embedded entertainment systems. These spaces are ideal for hosting friends or watching the big game. As homeowners contemplate how to maximize the potential of their exteriors, this is a trendy way to do so.

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Wet Bars and Lounges

While outdoor entertainment spaces are immensely popular, other buyers focus on optimizing their interior entertaining areas. Many buyers want to establish a tranquil place for unwinding and relaxation, achieving that by adding wet bars and lounges. Wet bars are built-in home bars ideal for socializing with friends or family, while lounges are plush spaces designed for relaxation. Together, these features cultivate a more enjoyable interior entertaining experience.

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Major Personalization

Many buyers purchasing homes or undertaking major renovations are not prioritizing resale considerations. Due to uncertainties in the market, they are designing their homes based on personal preferences. This results in substantial personalization, as homeowners make decisions without the constraints of considering other potential buyers’ preferences. This significant trend will likely continue into the next year.