The Ultimate Guide to Fall Activities and Events in Alberta and Calgary

Fall is right around the corner, and this season is when Alberta and Calgary truly come alive with multiple activities and events to keep you occupied. With the perfect weather, neither too hot nor too cold, it’s time to explore these places before winter arrives. Here’s a bunch of stuff to make this fall season in Canada the best you’ve ever had!

1. Edmonton Fall Home Show

This festival is THE place you need to be at for 2021’s fall season. For home décor enthusiasts, it’s an all-in-one spot for anything and everything home designing related, including a vast range of products and experts to guide you through it. You can even look through gorgeous displays for your next home remodeling inspiration. The three-day event is from October 15th through 17th at Edmonton Expo Center.

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2. Screamfest

At Stampede Park Grandstand, in the late-night hours of October, you’ll truly find your heart racing and adrenaline rushing in this year’s Screamfest. An annual fall event, Screamfest brings horrifying characters, exciting haunted houses, thrill rides, axe throwing, tons of carnival games, and so much more!

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3. Pumpkins After Dark

The renowned Canadian event that gathers many people each year is making its way to Alberta this fall. Featuring thousands of hand-carved pumpkin art assembled in a walk-through path, Pumpkins After Dark is a unique experience you surely wouldn’t want to miss. The event takes place from Thursday to Sunday every week between September 23rd to October 31st at Husky Gardens, Winsport’s Canada Olympic Park.

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4. Harvest Lights at Calgary Farmyard

Fall is all about the harvest season and strolling through corn mazes. This event takes it a step further by setting up an adventurous activity in Calgary Farmyard, where the farm is lit up, but the maze itself is kept dark. If you’re a sucker for finding your way through mazes, this one is definitely for you. It’s set up every Friday and Saturday between 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm from September 17th to October 31st.

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5. Calgary International Film Festival

Whether you’re an aspiring filmmaker or someone who’s fascinated by watching new multi-genre short films, Calgary International Film Festival arranges the largest Film Festival in Alberta every fall season for all the film lovers out there. With 11 days and around 200 short films, you can’t possibly get bored when there’s so much to watch! Grab your tickets for the event that will take place from September 23rd to October 3rd.

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6. Jasper Dark Sky Festival

Extended across an unimaginable mesmerizing 11,000 square kilometres at Jasper National Park, the Dark Sky Festival is an event many have stated to be truly life-changing and memorable. In the world’s largest dark sky preserve, this fall event brings the most stunning night-sky views and gathers astronomers and astrophotographers from around the globe between October 15th and 24th.

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7. Halloweekends

The citizens of Alberta and Calgary don’t back down when it comes to celebrating Halloween in its full colors and joys. Step out on the weekends to Calaway Park’s southern side between September 11th and October 11th. A long list of activities such as fun spooky scenes, meet and greets, photo opportunities, and parade floats makes the $47.95 ticket price worth the money.

8. Hike the Larches

Alberta and Calgary are known for their color-changing larches in the fall season, and for a good reason too. Right before winter, it’s the ideal time of the year to explore the many hiking trails near your area and get lost in the beauty of these golden larches. You can hike through Larch Valley, Moraine Lake Lodge, or Banff National Park. While these long treks will tire you out, the scenery is undoubtedly worth it!