The Boston Arts Festival: Eclectic Display of the City’s Renowned Art Scene Returns

Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park | Brett Wharton

Boston has been a breeding ground for various creators, spanning from musicians to painters, and it continues to attract aspiring artists to this day. The Boston Arts Festival spotlights the city’s renowned arts scene, bringing together local performers, artists, and art enthusiasts in a picturesque part of the city each year. 

Established in 2003, the Boston Arts Festival has undergone substantial growth over the years, evolving into a beloved tradition. Located at Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park along Boston Harbor, the festival offers a scenic setting to appreciate incredible art showcases. The festival is scheduled to take place from September 9th to 10th, and admission is free.

This juried event assembles artists from various distinct mediums, including painters, craftspeople, and musicians, for a spectacular display of the city’s diverse artistic community. And live musical performances on the Waterfront Stage will create the ideal ambience for the occasion.

The displayed art will cover a broad range of categories. Visitors can appreciate watercolor paintings, handmade jewelry, photographs, and more. They will also have the opportunity to interact with the artists and learn more about their creative processes. The festival has a rigorous jurying procedure to ensure only the best artists are present, with preference given to local creators. They also take steps to ensure that everything featured at the event is entirely handmade.

The original Boston Arts Festival, which began in the 1940s, aimed to democratize the city’s arts scene and showcase lesser-known creators. It has that same impact today. Many visitors attend the festival to support local artists through the purchase of their works. Each participating artist offers their products for sale, providing the perfect opportunity to browse the artwork of talented Boston creators and find the ideal piece for your collection. 

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