Tips for Connecting Your Home with the Outdoors

After months of quarantine and spending more time inside than ever before, this summer, home design is all about connecting your home with nature and the great outdoors. Since moods are naturally lower, design trends in summer 2020 are centered around lifting and positively affecting them.

Making your home feel more stable and less like you are trapped is one way to move forward and adapt to the ‘new normal’ of our world—as we adjust to life during and after the pandemic. We have put together some of the most popular summer 2020 [a summer like we have never seen before] home design trends that bridge your home with the outdoors.

Earth Tones

Earth tones represent stability, safety, warmth, and more of those happy and positive moods and auras. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought on anxious moods and many are looking for comfort in their homes. Earth tones and colors are a perfect solution and are trending this summer. In Architectural Digest, PPG Paints’ senior color marketing manager, Dee Schlotter, said “The pandemic has understandably spurred a feeling of unrest, grief, and anxiety among consumers who are now craving colors that instill a sense of reassurance and comfort… these colors promote internal peace in an age where mental and physical well-being are critical.” With tones similar to earth and nature—such as hues of brown, green, yellow—your home will feel connected to the outdoors.

Biophilic Design

The trend of Biophilia is one that has been on the forefront for a while now with a shift to become greener and more environmentally friendly. Especially during this time after being cooped up and indoors for so long, you will be itching to connect with nature. The biophilic design trend offers a way to bring the outdoors into your home. Not only does biophilic design incorporate nature into an indoor lifestyle, but as stated by Decorilla, biophilic design is proven to reduce stress, increase productivity, and increase self reported rates of overall well-being. All of these effects are important always, but now more than ever. Bringing the calming effects of nature indoors is just one of the many  positive impacts of biophilic design.


Indoor-Outdoor Patio

There are not many places to go without being around others during this time, but one of those places could be your own backyard. Being outdoors is one of the safest places to be during the pandemic and as things are opening up and gatherings are allowed, an outdoor patio is a great spot to see others in a safe setting. The indoor-outdoor patio also allows for more room and outdoor space to do things that you may need to do at home for the time being, such as working from home or exercising. The specific design trend of the indoor/outdoor combined patio connects your home to the outside environment and brings them together as one.

There is a flow from indoors to outdoors that creates a feeling of togetherness and nature inside and outside the home. While bringing the outdoors inside, you can also bring the indoors outside. The indoor-outdoor patio design is also adaptable which is perfect for different locations with various weather conditions and amounts of available space.

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