Spring Design Trends with Stefania Skrabak of AHG Interiors

Stefania Skrabak is the Principal Designer of AHG Interiors. Stefania’s work is multidisciplinary, and she draws on her experiences in building, metal work, and horticulture. She has been featured in top-shelf publications, including Country Home and HGTV, and she holds four degrees in interior design, fine art, fashion, and art history. We heard from her about some of the best tips for spring design and more. See below!

As it gets warmer and people are looking to spend more time outside, what would you recommend for someone who’s looking to update their outdoor living space?

To treat their outdoor living space the same way they would their interior space. The only difference being the fabric and materials to withhold the elements. Incorporating elements that would normally only be used for interiors such as table lamps and area rugs.

What are some of your tips for freshening up an interior space from winter to spring?

Lighter colors and bringing the outdoors in. Incorporating fresh plants and flowers. It doesn’t have to be special, walking past a tree to snap off branches then putting them in a vase… it feels very fresh and nonchalant. It makes a big statement. 

What kind of design requests do you often see from clients?

Most of our requests are for people moving into new homes and being able to incorporate their existing furniture into a new narrative. It’s the best way to design a home; it has a personal quality as opposed to a hotel feel. 

Aside from decor, are there other changes that people are seeking in their homes?

Wellness. I genuinely think that the trend is moving towards less pretentious decor and becoming based around everyday comfort and wellbeing. As a designer I always encourage our homeowners to focus on elaborating the simplest moments like having a cup of coffee every morning. That daily ritual should be celebrated as opposed to saving fancy serving ware only for special occasions. 

Any upcoming projects that you’re excited about and would love to share?

Beach St. Really excited about the Beach St. project because it’s on the edge of current design, pushing boundaries, bringing an urban hip hop flare fused with contemporary art. As a designer, it’s really challenged my approach to design with the incorporation of neon lights and color.