Loft Living: Why Loft Residences Remain a Wildly Popular Real Estate Option


What is a Loft?

Every buyer targets something different in their real estate search. For some, the need for space and privacy makes living in a detached single-family home non-negotiable. But for many, particularly in cities, the convenience and lifestyle benefits of condominiums are too appealing to resist. And one particular style of condominium and apartment has long stood out as a uniquely appealing real estate option: the loft.

A loft is an apartment style known for its maximal open-concept floor plan, often lacking many interior walls, meaning typical rooms in a home, such as a living room and a kitchen, blend into one another. A single-floor loft layout is similar to a studio, yet a loft is typically more spacious.

Because many lofts are in converted industrial spaces, they have an industrial aesthetic, such as exposed brick or piping, cement floors or walls, and visible support beams. These lofts, known as hard lofts, rose to popularity in New York City in the late 1900s, as the city transformed former warehouses and commercial spaces into additional housing.

Another loft style, the soft loft, has gained popularity in recent years. A soft loft has traits similar to a hard loft, although these are not converted industrial spaces. They are simply designed to share the same aesthetic as hard lofts. They tend to be newer and more resident-friendly. They also are usually in buildings with more amenities than those with hard lofts. 

Some lofts may have a distinct lack of privacy, along with higher utility bills due to the difficulty of heating such a wide, open space. Yet, with vast open spaces, a chic aesthetic, and the ability to fully customize the space, lofts make for uniquely attractive finds.

The Loft Lifestyle

Finding a loft residence is a dream for many buyers. There are several reasons why loft condominiums are so desirable. 

1. Substantial Space

In a big city like New York City, space is at an extreme premium. Lofts tend to have more square footage than a typical apartment, high ceilings, and standout features such as floor-to-ceiling windows.

2. Unique Aesthetic

A loft’s industrial and/or artistic aesthetic stands out to many.

3. Opportunity for Design

Lofts offer buyers near-limitless potential for decorating and design. These are vast, open spaces without natural borders. For a first-time home decorator, this can pose a challenge. But for experienced designers, these spaces can become artistic masterpieces.

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