Exploring Charming Downtowns in Washington

Leavenworth | Rosalie Barley

Washington’s downtown areas, hotspots for dining, shopping, and entertainment, are perfect for those looking to immerse themselves in the state’s remarkable culture. Whether you seek a bustling urban center or a quaint mountainous Main Street, discover some of the most charming downtowns in Washington. 


Anacortes is a gorgeous coastal community on a drive-to island. Visitors can enjoy the community’s settings ideal for hiking, boating, or angling while surrounded by Washington’s renowned natural beauty. However, Downtown Anacortes has much to offer as well, including various public art displays, delicious seafood restaurants, and locally owned shops. Visitors should take the Historic Walking Tour of Downtown Anacortes to learn about the city’s captivating past. 

Anacortes | Pavł Polø


Vancouver, one of Washington’s largest cities, is a bustling urban destination along the Columbia River. Downtown Vancouver is an eclectic area with trendy thrift stores, chic cafes, and dozens of microbreweries. Over the holiday season, Downtown Vancouver, adorned with seasonal colors, hosts the annual Rotary Community Tree Lighting.

Vancouver | Dave Herring


The lively metropolis of Spokane is one of Washington’s biggest cities. Nature lovers will appreciate Downtown Spokane’s scenic waterfront public parks to explore along the Spokane River. The city’s vibrant entertainment scene, featuring numerous live music and performance venues, ensures there is always a new act to check out. 

Downtown Spokane | Timothy Eberly


Leavenworth, famed for its Bavarian architecture and dining options, is a one-of-a-kind destination in the Cascade Mountains. Its charming downtown, comprising beautiful buildings, hosts bakeries, restaurants, and quaint souvenir shops. Renowned for its status as one of the top holiday towns in the U.S., Downtown Leavenworth goes all out for the season with holiday lights, parades, and live shows.

Leavenworth | Gautam Krishnan

Port Townsend

Port Townsend is a picturesque city along Port Townsend Bay. Known for its incredible Victorian architecture and fascinating history, Port Townsend serves as a popular tourist destination. Its Main Street includes centuries-old buildings housing tasty restaurants, antique stores, and other local businesses. The Port Townsend Main Street hosts numerous community events throughout the year and leans into the holiday spirit with fantastic light displays. 

Port Townsend | Charles Pickrell

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