Essential Guide to a Day in Los Angeles

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Known for its year long sunny skies and its palm trees, Los Angeles is one of the most prime locations to visit and to live in. The beaches are also one of the best in the country with many tourist attractions such as Venice Beach and the Santa Monica Pier. All of this and of course Hollywood! The most popular and internationally known film and entertainment industry providing us with the greatest films. With so much to offer, here’s a safe guide to spending your day in L.A.

Take a hike

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With more people abiding by social distancing rules, many activities have gone online or postponed indefinitely. However, hiking is the best way to have some fresh air without putting yourself or others at risk. L.A. is filled with great hiking trails for a workout or for a walk with pets. Get some steps in whilst admiring the ocean at Parker Mesa or the waterfalls at wildwood park.

Grab a bite

L.A. is famous for having the best restaurant options in the country, from Mexican to Vietnamese, you can find a variety of cuisines in the area. With more establishments taking precautions and offering outdoor options, no need to worry about your dining experience. Visit top-rated restaurants like Dana Tana’s that specializes in vegan food or perhaps Dear John’s, an Old Hollywood aesthetic steakhouse. You can also just order takeout, many restaurants are providing meal kits for those that want to make their own meals. Perhaps a sushi hand roll pack from Sushi Roku?

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Watch a movie

Theaters have been closed for most of the year but that shouldn’t stop you from seeing your favorite film! You can watch your movie at any of the outdoor theaters that la has to offer. Whether it’s at the drive-in or the poolside theater, you can be sure that each has taken precautions to abide by social distancing guidelines. So grab a friend, some popcorn and enjoy!

Visit a botanical garden

Avoid the traffic, the crowds and instead opt for some tranquility in any of the botanical gardens within the area. This is the perfect outdoor activity for you and your family while still maintaining distance from others. Visit the California botanical garden, the 85 acre garden is dedicated to California native plants. It is known as a living museum and is home to over 22,000 rare and endangered native plants. You could also visit the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic garden. The 127 acre piece of land consists of wildlife, beautiful landscapes, plants and historic buildings. It is also an official wildlife sanctuary home to a variety of birds, reptiles and aquatic animals.

Go shopping

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Los Angeles is the prime location for shopping in the world from vintage to designer boutiques, you’ll find whatever you’re looking for. There are plenty of outdoor shopping options to choose from. Head over to La’s fashion district, where you’ll find Santee Alley, a flea market with over 150 retailers. If you crave more luxurious options, Rodeo Drive is known to contain luxury designers such as Dior, Prada, Saint Laurent among others. The Grove also has luxury options and includes entertainment and restaurant options.

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