Charming Upstate New York Towns Offering Incredible Living Options

Upstate New York offers a high quality of living to those that reside within it. From Ithaca to Amenia, Pine Plains to Skaneateles, there are numerous incredible towns in this region that are unique and pleasant. Upstate New York is a region with incredible natural beauty, winding mountains, dense green forests, and sparkling lakes. It is an area that offers a much more sparse, quiet feel than the southern part of the state and New York City.

With big cities like Buffalo and smaller towns like Canandaigua, Rhinebeck, and the Town of Saugerties, there’s much to explore in this area. If you’re looking to relocate to a small, charming Upstate New York town, there are plenty to choose from. We’ll help narrow down your options by discussing some of the many great towns, cities, and villages in the area.

Let’s start with Beacon, Corning, and Cazenovia. Beacon is a small town of over 15,000 along the Hudson River. It is a hip, vibrant town with a great art scene, numerous parks, and waterfront views. Corning is a small city, but it has great attractions. There are nearby wineries, adventure sports opportunities, and top-notch restaurant options. Cazenovia is a tiny village of 2,000 tucked along Cazenovia Lake. It is a great area for public art displays, nature walks and boating on clear blue waters.

Millerton, Pawling, and Lake George are all well worth visiting or settling down in. Millerton is a small village, home to under 1,000 residents. It is an agricultural community with a rich history and a bustling but quaint main street. Pawling is a town with a history dating back to the 1700s. It is home to under 9,000 residents, but there’s much to do here, with incredible nearby nature. Lake George is a town in the Adirondack region, near mountains and right on the lake it is named for. It is a great place for boating, fishing, and exploring.

Cold Spring, New Paltz, and Tarrytown offer classic Upstate New York lifestyles. Cold Spring is a small village along the Hudson. It offers incredible water views and great river access, perfect for canoeing, hiking, or romantic nights on the shore. New Paltz is known for its farm-to-table eats, boutique shopping opportunities, and nature preserves. It also has a great music scene. Tarrytown is a village a short drive or metro away from the big city. It has numerous quality cafes, restaurants, and shops. It is a peaceful refuge with easy access to NYC.

Rochester, Saranac Lake, and Livingston Manor are three more quality options. Rochester is a mid-sized city of 200,000+ along Lake Ontario. It is an industrial hub and cultural hotspot. There are numerous museums, great access to the Finger Lakes, and family-friendly vibes throughout the whole area. Saranac Lake is a village named for the nearby lakes, located in the Adirondacks. It is rated one of the best small towns in America and is an adventure-oriented area. Livingston Manor is a tiny hamlet home to just over 1,200 residents. It is a Catskills town seeing a major revival as tourists return to the area.

Cooperstown, Hunter, and Croton-On-Hudson are other Upstate areas many will adore. Cooperstown is a small village but receives many visitors as it is the site of the Baseball Hall of Fame. It is also right on Otsego Lake, perfect for canoers and kayakers. Hunter is a small town with a permanent population of less than 3,000, but it is the site of the Hunter Mountain Resort, a wildly popular year-round destination that is a winter skiing hotspot. Croton-On-Hudson is a village home to roughly 8,000 residents right along the Hudson. It is only 35 miles from Manhattan, but this quiet and quaint town feels far removed and peaceful.

Lastly, we have Kingston, Catskill, Saratoga Springs, and Lake Placid. Kingston is a city with a rich history, as it was New York’s first capital in the 1700s. It is at the base of the Catskills and has a vibrant and growing arts community. Catskill is a village along the banks of the Hudson. Home to about 4,000 residents, Catskill has a charming main street, great hiking, and numerous historical sites for visiting.

Saratoga Springs is a small city with a population near 30,000. There is a lot packed into this city, with numerous museums, a major horse racing course, great restaurants, and a thriving nightlife. There’s also great natural scenery nearby. Lake Placid is famed as the site of a previous Winter Olympics. It is a village on the lake it is named for and is a popular year-round tourism destination. Summer brings swimmers, boaters, and hikers, while winter makes it a major skiing and winter sports getaway.