Best Suburbs Outside the Twin Cities

The Twin Cities comprise one of the biggest metropolitan areas in the country, a dense area famed for its beauty. Minneapolis and St. Paul are excellent places to have a home, with lakes sprinkled throughout and a growing economy. However, these are busy cities, and many people may prefer a quieter, less congested lifestyle.

Minneapolis and St. Paul are surrounded by pleasant, appealing suburbs that provide a high standard of living just a short drive away. Let’s take a look at some of these towns and cities.


Rogers is a small city of around 13,000 residents located a 30-minute drive from Minneapolis. Rogers has a classic suburban look, with winding roads through residential streets of large houses. The town is known for its great schools and top-notch parks, which makes it an ideal place to raise a family. It is a pleasant community with easy access to the big cities.


Edina is a mid-sized city roughly a 15-minute drive south of Minneapolis. This city of 50,000 is known as a commercial hub with excellent shopping and restaurants. It is a bustling city with something for everyone, including golf courses, shopping malls, and several small lakes, such as Lake Cornelia. It is a vibrant city with tons to enjoy.


Chanhassen is a picturesque city of around 25,000. It is best known as a town where music legend, Prince, recorded some of his tracks. But today, it is a quaint city that borders Lake Minnetonka. Chanhassen is known for its safety, school system, and real estate options.


Just a 20-minute drive from Minneapolis, you’ll find the city of Plymouth. Home to around 80,000 residents, it has several lakes, gorgeous public greenery, and tons of outdoor recreation opportunities. For those who enjoy hiking, Plymouth’s lakefront trails are spectacular.


Stillwater is a quiet city on the border of Wisconsin, roughly a 25-minute drive from St. Paul. It played a prominent role in the history of Minnesota as one of the state’s oldest towns. The town is based along the St. Croix River, which makes it a great place to stroll by the water, and it has high-quality artisan shops and restaurants as well.


Minnetonka is a city named for the lake it borders, Lake Minnetonka. Minnetonka is a city of roughly 50,000 and is located around a 20-minute drive from Minneapolis. Minnetonka is a scenic lakefront city with excellent restaurants, shopping, schools, and housing. This all adds up to making it an eminently livable city with tons to see.


Woodbury is a large city about 15 minutes from St. Paul, home to around 75,000 residents. It is best known for its incredible public parks, top-notch golf, and commercial hotspots. But the best reason to live here is the town’s unmatched residential neighborhoods that connect to 140 miles of multi-use trails. Woodbury also has small lakes perfect for scenic walks.


Wayzata is a small city on the shores of Lake Minnetonka, a scenic community just 20 minutes outside Minneapolis. Wayzata is known for its boutique shopping, lakefront homes, and high-end restaurants. It is a small and quaint town with excellent boating, fishing, and sailing, so those that love the water will find their paradise in Wayzata.


Eagan is a mid-sized city roughly 20 minutes from both Minneapolis and St. Paul. In addition to having more than 50 public parks, Eagan is just a short drive from the Mall of America and Minnesota Zoo. It is also near Lebanon Hills Regional Park, an outdoor attraction covering thousands of acres of scenic Minnesota land.

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