Arizona Hotspots with Unique Settings in the Mountains or by the Water

Arizona is a state with diverse terrain, ranging from deserts and mountains to lakes and canyons. There is nowhere in America quite like it. From Bisbee and Globe to Parker and Prescott, there are numerous towns and cities in the state set along bodies of water or in the mountains. Let’s look at some of the Arizona towns and cities that embody the state’s diversity.


Arizona is a highly mountainous state, with 194 named mountain ranges. Numerous towns and cities in Arizona are set in or alongside these mountains, with places like Payson, Pine, and Williams being beautiful mountain towns. However, there are many more towns and cities than just those in Arizona with a stunning mountainous setting.

Alpine, Eagar, and Flagstaff are all stunning towns with easy mountain access. Alpine is situated only a short distance from Escudilla Mountain, near the New Mexico border. It is famed for its flowing lakes and great fishing. Eagar is north of Alpine on the other side of Escudilla Mountain. It has a scenic, open terrain and a small-town community. Flagstaff is a bigger town known as the gateway to the San Francisco Peaks, a range that houses Arizona’s tallest mountain. Flagstaff is known for its great ski resorts and stunning mountain views.

Other picturesque Arizona mountain areas include Greer, Heber-Overgaard, and Munds Park. Greer is a tiny census-designated place in the White Mountains, with a permanent population under 50. While small, it is picturesque and certainly worth a visit. Heber-Overgaard is a census-designated place located atop the Mogollon Rim. It has a significant elevation of 6,627 feet, so it is perfect for breathing in that high mountain air. Munds park is a tiny town near Flagstaff. It is famed for its great country clubs, canyon views, and affordable real estate options.

Lastly, we have Sedona, Oro Valley, Cave Creek, and Tubac. Sedona is a stunning mountain town famed for its red rocks and canyons that give it an otherworldly look. It is known for its artist community and proximity to Red Rock State Park. Oro Valley is a town near Tucson, located near the Santa Catalina Mountains. It has seen its population surge in recent years as people flock to this booming suburb. Cave Creek is a Phoenix suburb situated along Black Mountain. It is a quiet suburb combining a mountain and desert setting. Tubac is set between the Tumacacori and Santa Rita mountain ranges, a small town with stunning mountain views.


The mountains aren’t the only part of Arizona’s great appeal. There are numerous beautiful bodies of water that many towns and cities are situated alongside, with places like Cottonwood and Pinetop having picturesque waterfront settings. Numerous cities in Arizona offer great access to the water, making them the perfect place to beat the Arizona heat. Let’s look at some of the cities situated around water.

As their names imply, Lake Havasu City and Pinetop-Lakeside are two cities with picturesque lake locations. Lake Havasu City is situated on the body of water it is named for, and this area is a popular destination for boaters, jet-skiers, and swimmers. The city has beaches, trails, and even nearby mountains. Pinetop-Lakeside is a seasonal retreat for those who spend the rest of their years in the Arizona desert. It has numerous nearby bodies of water, including Rainbow Lake and Scott Reservoir.

Three other Arizona towns and cities on the water are Bullhead City, Yuma, and Tempe. Bullhead City is a city set on the Colorado River close to the Nevada border. Many members of the town work in Vegas, but all citizens benefit from the winding river, which is a destination for fishing and boating. Yuma is a town known for its Wild West past, including a historic prison. It is set on the Colorado River and is a haven for watersports and boating. Tempe is a city near Phoenix, one of Arizona’s rising cities with a growing population and booming economy. Tempe Town Lake is famed for its kayaking and canoeing, and Tempe Beach Park is an area known for hosting concerts and festivals.