Water and Mountain Lifestyles in Nevada

Nevada is located in one of the regions of the United States with the most geographic diversity. While it is famed for its deserts, Nevada has much more to it than that. There are cities like Glenbrook, set along large bodies of water, and cities set against mountainous backdrops. No area of the state is the same. While Las Vegas is Nevada’s best-known city, there are many other great places to live in Nevada, including many cities set near the water or in the mountains. Let’s explore some of Nevada’s waterfront and mountain towns and cities.


When most people picture Nevada, they often think of the dryer south. But Nevada has numerous stunning bodies of water that accommodate incredible waterfront living. Let’s explore some Nevada cities situated on or near the water.

Let’s start with Incline Village, Reno, and Zephyr Cove. Incline Village is an incredible city set on the waters of Lake Tahoe, right near the California border. Incline Village is where some of the wealthiest residents of the United States reside, with jaw-dropping luxury real estate located on the deep blue waters of one of America’s most famous lakes.

Reno is Nevada’s second-biggest city, and while it may not be situated right on the water, it is only 20 miles from Lake Tahoe, and is closer to Washoe Lake and nearby Pyramid Lake. There is an abundance of large lakes nearby, and many residents spend their Nevada summers cooling off on these sparkling shores. Zephyr Cove is a quiet town also set on Lake Tahoe. It is a pleasant, private community only a short distance from several major mountains, and its location on Tahoe makes real estate here extremely desirable.

Stateline and Overton are two more top-notch Nevada waterfront communities. Stateline is just south of Zephyr Cove, named for its location right on the California border. It is one of the most beautiful places in the state, with a location on Tahoe and the mountains, making it one of a few towns with beaches and ski resorts. Overton is a tiny town outside Vegas with easy access to the Colorado River. While it has a dry climate with desert trails, the nearby river provides an oasis.

Lastly, there is Boulder City and Bullhead City. Both Boulder City and Bullhead City are set along the Colorado River. Boulder City is near the Hoover Dam and has numerous canyons and rapids. Bullhead City is set in Arizona but is right along the Nevada border, with many residents working in Vegas.


Nevada has numerous mountain ranges that provide incredible picturesque settings with gorgeous views. Let’s look at some Nevada towns set in the mountains.

Mount Charleston, Elko, and Carson City all provide beautiful mountainous locations. Mount Charleston is a small community near Vegas set on the mountain it is named for. It is extremely popular amongst hikers for its gorgeous wilderness and unique views, and it feels very distant from the desert below.

Elko is a town with an old west feel, located in the northeast part of the state. The nearby Elko Mountain is visible from the town, and there are several different major peaks only a short drive away. Carson City is both a mountain town and a waterfront community. Based near Lake Tahoe, with Lyon Peak situated along its border, Carson City is a town with abundant natural beauty and incredible panoramic views.

Lastly, there is Winnemucca, Genoa, and Virginia City. Winnemucca is a quiet town that serves as an important agricultural and ranching hub. From the town, you can spot the peaks of Winnemucca Mountain and Sonoma Peak, which gives it a dramatic setting. It is located in the north of the state along the Dwight D. Eisenhower Highway.

Genoa is a tiny town near Reno that borders Genoa Peak. This little community was the first settlement in what became the Nevada territory, so it is a uniquely historic town. With a location only a short drive from Tahoe, there is easy access to some of the best skiing and boating in the country. Virginia City is a small town south of Reno with a unique past as an 1800s mining town. It is surrounded by mountains, including Emma Peak, Flowery Peak, and Mount Davison, making it great for hiking.