Amazing Summer Destinations in Nevada

Hoover Dam | Ryan Thorpe

Nevada offers numerous worthwhile places to visit, from the mountains up north to the deserts down south. Let’s explore some of the amazing summer destinations in Nevada.


Reno is an appealing year-round destination largely due to its combination of attractions and natural scenery. This major city is a gambling mecca full of massive resorts and casinos that host live shows and entertainment. During the summer, Reno is particularly desirable for outdoor enthusiasts, offering convenient day trips to destinations such as Lake Tahoe and its nearby mountains, along with access to thousands of hiking and biking trails. 

Reno | Nicholas Ceglia


Sparks, a suburb of Reno, stands apart as a vibrant and bustling city. The city hosts some of the nation’s best outlets and malls, along with major events that attract hundreds of thousands of visitors annually. 

Incline Village

Incline Village is a year-round outdoor paradise along the shores of Lake Tahoe. Visitors can do plenty at Incline Village, from boating and fishing along one of the country’s most famous lakes to golfing at the community’s renowned courses. For those who prefer to enjoy their time indoors, Incline Village has delectable restaurants and quaint shops. 

Lake Tahoe, Incline Village | Samantha Sheppard

Boulder City

If you’re unfazed by intense summer heat, Boulder City is an ideal destination for you. Situated just south of Las Vegas, this delightful community is a must-see gem that should not be overlooked. Boulder City houses the massive Hoover Dam, one of the crowning achievements of American industry and a stunning sight. Centered around outdoor adventure, Boulder City provides easy access to Lake Mead, where many go fishing and participate in water sports. The city also offers excellent golf courses, invigorating rafting and kayaking tours, pleasant parks, and charming antique stores.

Lake Mead, Boulder City | Nick Fewings


Gardnerville is a pleasant little community with a mountainous Sierra Nevada backdrop. It is a historic part of the state, with preserved buildings from the town’s days as a mining hub in the 1800s. Charming brick storefronts line the Main Street area, where visitors can browse antique stores, artisanal goods, and tasty local restaurants. Summer brings pleasant temperatures to the community, making it the ideal time for laid-back strolls through the scenic city streets.


Laughlin is a popular resort town at the southern end of Nevada. Numerous tourists go yearly to enjoy the small city’s blend of gaming and outdoor fun. Laughlin has eight expansive resorts/casinos that provide gambling, poolside relaxation, and nightly entertainment. Located on the Colorado River, visitors can also kayak, raft, fish, and or take a stroll on the Laughlin Riverwalk, a beautifully maintained paved trail that passes through green spaces, resorts, and restaurants. 

Laughlin | Oscar Ochoa
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