A Look at Five of the Best Boating Destinations in New Jersey

The Delaware River, by Lambertville, NJ and New Hope, PA

Let’s explore five of the best boating destinations in New Jersey. 

1. Delaware River

The Delaware River is the longest free-flowing river in the Eastern United States. It holds a significant place in American history, and a substantial portion flows through New Jersey. Boating along the Delaware River allows you to fully admire the state’s scenery, featuring jagged cliffs and lush forests. With numerous boat launches along its shores, the river accommodates a variety of watercraft.

2. Manasquan Inlet

To explore New Jersey’s coastal settings, Manasquan Inlet is a great starting point. The picturesque inlet, connected to the Manasquan River, offers a sandy shoreline framing the entrance to the Atlantic Ocean. A variety of marinas and services adds convenience and ease to the boating experience. 

3. Sandy Hook Bay

Sandy Hook Bay is an expansive bay that flows into the Atlantic Ocean. Its serene setting, recreational opportunities, and beaches attract many boaters. Also, captivating places to explore surround the bay, including the historic Sandy Hook Lighthouse.

4. Lake Aeroflex

If you prefer the tranquility of a lake over New Jersey’s coastal landscapes, Lake Aeroflex in the scenic Kittatinny Valley State Park is an ideal choice. As the state’s deepest natural glacial lake, reaching depths of over 100 feet, Lake Aeroflex is a hotspot for anglers seeking bass, bluegill, trout, and more.

5. Barnegat Bay

Barnegat Bay, separated by Long Beach Island from the Atlantic Ocean, is a renowned New Jersey boating destination amid iconic Jersey Shore locales. With numerous marinas and boat launches, Barnegat Bay stands as one of the premier East Coast destinations for boating enthusiasts, especially on a summer day.

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