A Brief Guide to the Mountain West’s Wine Country

Spanish Valley, Utah | Lydia Venjohn

Although the Mountain West region may not boast the same wine-producing reputation as major American wine states such as California or New York, the region does offer incredible wineries and can’t-miss wine-centric experiences. If you are among the many people looking to explore the Mountain West’s wine country, we’re here to help. Below, we outline key destinations, experiences, and noteworthy events. 

The Mountain West Wine Country, State-by-State

Encompassing an expansive stretch of land in the western part of the U.S., the Mountain West comprises several distinct areas that wine connoisseurs and tourists should be aware of.

– Idaho: Idaho is the hub of the Mountain West wine sector. With a thriving agricultural industry, the state is home to several grape varieties. It is particularly renowned for syrah, merlot, riesling, and chardonnays. Three major American Viticultural Areas (AVAs) in Idaho attract throngs of visitors: Snake River Valley, Eagle Foothills, and Lewis-Clark Valley. The Snake River Valley AVA includes Nampa and other agricultural hotspots just outside of Boise, forming the heart of Idaho’s wine country. 

– Utah: Utah’s modest wine industry comprises roughly a dozen wineries. It has gained a spot on every wine lover’s must-visit list thanks to its unique wines and picturesque settings. 

– Montana: Montana, like Utah, has a limited number of wineries scattered throughout the state. However, its mountainous terrain creates a unique environment for wine production, reminiscent of regions in France, resulting in exceptional wine flavors. 

– Wyoming: While Wyoming lacks a prominent wine industry, with a handful of wineries that offer tours and tastings, the state’s picturesque backdrops make it well worth a visit.

Wineries to Know

If you are looking to enjoy this region’s wineries, there are many places you should consider. We’ll take a look at two of the area’s renowned locales below:

Colter’s Creek Winery: This Idaho vineyard boasts panoramic vistas of rolling hills and offers an array of tasty wines. Their rosé and syrah are among their most popular. 

Bold & Delaney: This Utah-based winery benefits from rich volcanic soil, which imparts a wide variety of flavors to its wines. 

Major Wine Events Across the Mountain West

Throughout the year, the Mountain West states offer vibrant wine festivals and events. For those seeking top-notch experiences, we’ve got you covered with a glimpse into the region’s finest wine events. 

Savor Idaho: Idaho’s most renowned wine festival is a celebration of the state’s burgeoning wine industry. It brings together a diverse group of wine producers from across the state. This offers attendees a unique opportunity to indulge in tastings and participate in engaging discussions. 

Wine Fest: Wine Fest in Sheridan, Wyoming is an enjoyable evening designed to support the city’s downtown businesses, where attendees can enjoy some terrific beverages. 

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