Why the Florida Panhandle is a Sought-After Region for Buyers

Panama City

Many people in the United States have been choosing to move to Florida, and the appeal is obvious. With hot weather throughout the year, gorgeous natural settings, and vibrant culture, Florida is a state with so much to offer. Many different regions in Florida should stand out to buyers. One that should not be overlooked is the Florida Panhandle, a 200-mile stretch of land on the northwest coast of Florida along the Gulf of Mexico.

The Panhandle is one of the most scenic parts of the state, with white sand beaches and turquoise waters. It has both busy cities and small beach towns, tons of areas worth exploring, and unique local culture. Popular with everyone from retirees and young professionals to families, the Panhandle should be on every buyer’s radar. Let’s explore what sets this area apart.


Stunning Beaches

One of the key reasons why many seek to relocate to the Panhandle is to be near some of the best beaches in the United States. Many of the beaches in the Panhandle look straight from the Caribbean, with soft, white sand and waters colored deep blue and emerald green.

There are numerous beaches within the Panhandle’s 100+ miles of coastline. Some are busy tourist destinations; others are quiet spots perfect for relaxing. Some standout beaches in the Panhandle include Henderson Beach State Park, Laguna Beach, Pensacola Beach, and St. George Island.

Pensacola Beach

Year-Round Sun and Outdoor Recreation

The Panhandle allows residents to take advantage of its beautiful setting throughout the year with excellent weather. While hurricanes have been an issue, residents are able to get outdoors often due to the Panhandle’s year-round sun and warm temperatures.

The Panhandle offers gorgeous spots for outdoor activities. Places to hike include Naval Live Oaks Nature Preserve and Edward Ball Wakulla Springs State Park. Residents also enjoy boating, fishing, swimming, and surfing throughout the region.


Cities with Affordable Homes

Unlike some other parts of Florida, real estate in the Panhandle can fall on the more affordable side. This is surprising in a place with abundant natural beauty and significant demand for homes, but many parts of the Panhandle have homes that can be bought for around the national average.

Panama City Beach is one of the busiest cities on the Panhandle, and Redfin lists the median sale price of a home there as about $465,000. In Tallahassee, a major city that is famed as the location of Florida State University, the median sale price of a home is around $225,000. Considering how much the Panhandle offers, homes can be found at a surprisingly affordable rate.

Bay Point Road

Plenty to See and Do

While the Panhandle may not have major urban centers such as Miami or Tampa, it has plenty of cities and towns that contribute to a thriving local culture. The area has plenty of hotspots for foodies, top-notch museums, and a thriving art scene influenced by the beauty of the setting.

Some top museums in the Panhandle include the Tallahassee Museum, the Air Force Armament Museum, and the Museum of Florida History. For food lovers, the seafood spots are incredible across the Panhandle. Gulf fish like Mahi Mahi and Snapper are popular dishes, and you can expect some top-notch oysters. It is a region with a local culture that sets it apart.

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