Why Iowa is a Gem for Buyers Seeking a Home in the Midwest

Des Moines

The Midwest is a region of the country that has long been a desirable place to live. Whether it is the welcoming locals or the delicious farm-fresh food, it has much to offer. Iowa is a distinct Midwestern state well-known for its thriving agriculture, vibrant communities, and gorgeous natural scenery.

For homebuyers seeking a state to relocate to, Iowa is a top-notch option with a diverse selection of places to live. Let’s look at some aspects of Iowa that make it a perfect place to settle down.

Natural Beauty

Iowa has a sprawling landscape filled with forests and rivers, making it a scenic Midwest state with plenty to explore. The diverse geography means that there are plenty of natural wonders here, ranging from waterfalls to caverns. Dunning’s Spring Park is one of the state’s most famous natural sites, where visitors can follow a boardwalk trail through a forest to a 200-foot flowing waterfall.

There is an abundance of gorgeous nature that can be enjoyed on the many hiking and biking trails. Effigy Mounds National Monument contains prehistoric mounds from its native communities and is located in a deep forested area that turns vibrant colors in autumn. Pikes Peak State Park is a gorgeous, densely forested park along the Mississippi River.

Pleasant Towns and Cities

An array of ideal locations will excite homebuyers, and the state’s affordability means that they can take their pick of any area that suits them. 

Iowa’s big cities have a lot to offer. Des Moines is famed for the Iowa State Capitol building, a thriving art and museum scene, and excellent restaurants and shopping. Cedar Rapids has a picturesque waterfront, the highly regarded Cedar Rapids Museum of Art, and pleasant parks and public greenery. Iowa also has many quaint smaller towns, like Clive, Johnston, and North Liberty, with much to offer as well.

Emerging Economy

Iowa has a strong, thriving economy powered by its agriculture and manufacturing sectors. It is one of the most important places in the country for food production, but even if you aren’t interested in these industries, there are plenty of other lucrative jobs in the state. 

Numerous major corporations are based out of Iowa and provide jobs to its residents, including Principal Financial, Hy-Vee, Casey’s General Store, and Winnebago Industries. The economy is particularly diverse in Iowa’s biggest cities, where options are available in an array of fields.


One of the best aspects of living in Iowa is the abundance of affordable options. Unlike many other parts of the country, you can find high-quality spacious homes at a reasonable price in the Hawkeye State. In a 2022 comprehensive report by Homebuyer.com, Iowa was ranked the most affordable state in the country to buy a home. This report factored in the cost of a home within the state and the median household income.

If you want to live in a state where your dollar stretches far, Iowa is perfect for you. Even in the biggest cities in the state, you won’t struggle to find a home for a price much less than the national average. In Des Moines, Iowa’s biggest city, the median sales price was $193,000, according to Redfin (October 2022).

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