What Makes Manitoba One of Canada’s Best Provinces for Settling Down

Winnipeg | Image credit: Mahesh Gupta

Manitoba is a vast province, sandwiched between Saskatchewan and Ontario, with a population that has been steadily growing. This scenic province has an array of parks, big cities, and quaint small towns. If you are looking to move somewhere new, let’s explore what makes Manitoba an excellent option for settling down. 

Gorgeous Natural Destinations

Manitoba has more than 80 provincial parks, comprising environments ranging from dense forests and deep blue lakes to prairies and tundra. The province has many incredible wild animals, including a substantial polar bear population, moose, elk, wolves, and more. 

There are a few parks that particularly stand out in Manitoba. Clearwater Lake Provincial Park provides postcard-worthy views, particularly around Clearwater Lake. Clearwater Lake, popular for fishing and boating, has water so clear that you can see directly to the bottom, even 35 feet below. Also, Riding Mountain National Park is a vast nature preserve with forests, grassland, and lakes in an unspoiled environment. It is home to many of the province’s famous native creatures.  

Clearwater Lake | Image credit: Fabrice Nerfin

Appealing Towns and Cities

While Manitoba is nowhere near as densely populated as provinces such as Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia, there are still plenty of busy cities and towns that offer appealing lifestyles. The first city in Manitoba that typically comes to mind is Winnipeg, the province’s biggest city and capital. Winnipeg is known for its thriving arts scene, trendy shops and restaurants, and world-class museums and performing arts destinations. 

Also, Brandon is a mid-sized city famed as a center for Canada’s farming and manufacturing industries, along with several higher education institutions that give it a young, vibrant feel. A picturesque smaller town along the Little Saskatchewan River, Minnedosa, is just a short drive away. 

A small, well-known waterfront town in the province is Churchill, where visitors can observe Beluga whales in its waters and thousands of polar bears residing on the peninsula. And outdoor enthusiasts would enjoy Kelwood, a tiny and classic small town along the edges of Riding Mountain National Park with a welcoming community and charming local businesses. 

Minnedosa | Image credit: Ehalo Travel

Growing Economy and Real Estate Affordability

Manitoba’s economy has performed well in recent years and should continue to going forward. Although a significant portion of its economic strength lies in its abundant natural resources, Winnipeg, Manitoba’s economic center, has a diverse economy defined by a large healthcare sector, an advanced aerospace industry, and an excellent finance and insurance job market. 

For those moving to Manitoba, the province’s real estate market is in a relatively good place. According to the Manitoba Real Estate Association, the average home sales price in the province was roughly $324,000 in February of 2023. Manitoba’s home prices are highly reasonable compared to the national average, which was around $662,000 in February 2023, according to The Canadian Real Estate Association. While many provinces across the country have struggled to offer affordable real estate to residents, this is not the case in Manitoba.

Winnipeg | Image credit: Brydon McCluskey