Unforgettable Summer Activities in Ohio and Indiana

Indiana Dunes National Park | Madison Oren

Ohio and Indiana offer a vast range of enjoyable activities in the summer. Discover the best ways to make the most of your time in Ohio and Indiana as we delve into the top summer activities awaiting you in these states.

Visit Indiana Dunes National Park

Indiana Dunes National Park is a sprawling area along the shores of Lake Michigan, recently established as a national park in 2019. With over 50 miles of trails leading through beaches, forests, prairies, and wetlands, this diverse environment offers much to explore. Visitors will find waterfront hotels and restaurants that can cater to an enjoyable overnight stay, along with swimming areas and boat launches in the park itself.

Indiana Dunes National Park | Gigin Krishnan

Experience Ohio’s Summer Festivals

Summer is a season abundant with events across many states, and Ohio is no exception. The warm weather lures people out of their homes to experience the season’s festivals and special occasions. Take to the skies in a hot air balloon at the All Ohio Balloon Fest, or dance the day away at the Cincinnati Music Festival or Columbus’s Festival Latino. The Ohio State Fair in Columbus is one of the state’s biggest events, featuring festival food, amusement park rides, carnival games, and non-stop entertainment.

Enjoy the Culture of Indianapolis

Indianapolis, Indiana’s biggest city, bursts to life during the summer, offering a wealth of experiences for visitors to indulge in throughout the season. Exploring Indianapolis’s diverse neighborhoods on foot presents an excellent way to savor a delightful day. Or immerse yourself in the wonders of the city’s renowned museums, such as Newfields or the Indiana State Museum. Treat your taste buds to the city’s vibrant food scene upon one of the lovely patios scattered throughout or venture to the sprawling Indianapolis City Market. And, for an unforgettable summer, enjoy one of the city’s many events, such as the massive Indiana State Fair

Indiana State Museum | BASIL ANAS

Relax at Geneva-on-the-Lake

Ohio has many lakes and a massive stretch of Lake Erie shoreline. Many quaint communities line Lake Erie, including the iconic city of Geneva-on-the-Lake. This pleasant town is known to have some of the best beaches in Ohio, delicious local restaurants, wineries that offer tours and tastings, and various lodging options for overnight stays. The city is also perfect for endless waterfront activities, including fishing, boating, sunbathing, and swimming. 

Indulge in Thrills at Family-Friendly Amusement Parks

For families seeking an adrenaline-inducing summer adventure in Ohio or Indiana, look no further than their plethora of thrilling, family-friendly amusement parks. For example, Cedar Point, located along the shores of Lake Erie in Ohio, features more than 70 rides, incredible live entertainment, and resort accommodations along Cedar Point Beach. And Indiana Beach, one of the state’s biggest summer attractions, is a massive amusement park resort on the shores of Lake Shafer, with a water park and more than 50 rides.

Cedar Point | Arad Oek
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