Tips for Creating a Stylish Porch

Steven Ungermann

From screened-in and double to covered and multi-season, we’ll explore some practical tips to create a comfy and stylish porch.

Make the Front Door Pop with Color

Like many other aspects of home design, color is an integral part of enhancing curb appeal. Since the front porch typically serves as an entrance to a home, ensuring the door stands out is essential. Many homeowners choose to have a uniformly colored porch but paint their door a distinctive shade to make it pop. If that’s not your preference, adding colorful accents, such as bronze handles and knockers, will serve the same purpose.

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Use Organic Material

Since the porch is an indoor-outdoor space, feel free to embrace its outdoor qualities by incorporating natural materials. Placing plants and flowers on the porch will bring a natural and colorful touch to the space. Hanging seasonal plants in decorative, elevated baskets is an excellent way to showcase your organic material. 

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Add Seating to Ensure Practical Use

Ultimately, porches are meant to be practical. You want to create a space for relaxation where you can enjoy good weather and host an intimate gathering with family and friends. Having stylish and comfortable seating options ensures your porch serves a purpose. Some homeowners choose to have a simple setup with one or two matching chairs, while others establish a larger outdoor living area with couches and tables.


Focus on Lighting

Lighting plays a significant role in porch design, serving to establish a comfortable environment and illuminate key seating areas. Often, homeowners hang multiple outdoor lights across their porch to ensure the whole area is well-lit at night. If you desire an attractive porch, you will want to implement lighting that sets the right atmosphere. Choosing fixtures that enhance your porch design, locating the light so it spreads evenly to key areas, and picking light colors that set the right mood are important ways to design an appealing porch.

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Implement Symmetrical Features

If you want your porch to look clean and eye-catching, symmetry is an asset. Add lights, plants, or seating to one side, and create a similar look on the opposite side. This creates a more streamlined appearance that is less chaotic and more inviting.

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Declutter for Maximum Curb Appeal and Comfort

To create a clean, sleek, and symmetrical appearance, don’t go overboard with the accessories. Ensure your porch is decluttered and as clean as possible. Scaling down the number of decorative pieces and outdoor furniture is an important step to maximize the curb appeal of the front porch as well as the functionality and comfort of any porch on your home. 

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