The Timeless Appeal of the Cape-Style Home

Aubrey Odom

Below, we’ll explore the characteristics of Cape-style homes and why they have become premier real estate options, captivating buyers nationwide.

What is the Cape-Style Home?

Rooted in the coastal charm of Cape Cod, Cape-style homes epitomize the all-American style with a nostalgic appeal that has endured over the years. Originally designed to withstand the heavy coastal storms, this colonial-style architecture has evolved into a beloved choice for those drawn to the New England aesthetic.

Characterized by a simple and symmetrical floor plan, these homes typically feature a steep gabled roof and a prominent central chimney. Other common elements include shutter-clad and dormer windows, as well as a central entryway door.

Typically spanning one to one-and-a-half stories, the interiors of Cape-style homes often feature central staircases, oak and pine hardwood floors, and brick fireplaces, exuding a cottage-like charm complemented by well-manicured grounds.

While they gained popularity in the 17th century, these homes experienced a resurgence in the early 20th century during the Colonial Revival movement. The original layouts included small rooms and low ceilings. However, today’s homeowners often choose to expand the interior space by removing walls or constructing new additions, aligning the design with contemporary preferences and needs.

Pros of Cape-Style Living

Buyers investing in Cape-style properties will discover a wealth of advantages associated with this unique architectural style. For starters, Cape-style homes boast timeless curb appeal, blending style with enduring charm, ensuring strong resale value. As previously mentioned, these homes exhibit resilience in challenging weather conditions, featuring gabled roofs made of unpainted clapboard or cedar shakes perfectly suited to withstand the elements. Also, traditional Cape-style homes are ideal for smaller families, offering a cozy and communal atmosphere reminiscent of cottage living.

Where are Cape Style Homes Popular?

Cape-style residences are closely associated with and most concentrated in New England and the northeastern United States. However, their popularity extends far beyond these coastal areas, extending into the Midwest and out to the West Coast.