The Norfolk Harborfest and the Appeal of Virginia Waterfront Living

Source: Norfolk Festevents (Facebook page)

Virginia is an East Coast state with thousands of miles of stunning coast covering ocean and bay. It is a state with a maritime history stretching back centuries, with the water being a core part of the Virginia identity. As we enter summer and peak boating season in Virginia, harbors will fill with boats as people flock to the state’s coastal cities. Virginia consistently has events that celebrate the great coastal legacy of the state, particularly around the summer.

This summer, many will head to Virginia to enjoy some one-of-a-kind spectacles, with major events to celebrate the state and its ocean-faring legacy. One of these events is around the corner. Let’s look at this occasion and the appeal of Virginia’s waterfront destinations.

Norfolk Harborfest

Norfolk is a major Virginia city set along the Chesapeake Bay. This waterfront setting is a core part of the city’s identity, particularly due to the fact that it plays host to one of the United States’ largest naval bases. Every year in the summer, Norfolk puts together a one-of-a-kind event that celebrates the city’s nautical history: Norfolk Harborfest.

Norfolk Harborfest is a huge summer occasion, celebrating its 46th anniversary this year. The event is the United States’ largest and longest-running free maritime festival. It draws thousands to the Norfolk harbor to enjoy incredible sights and sounds. This event has everything, ranging from one of the largest firework displays on the East Coast to live performances.

One of the highlights of Harborfest comes when the incredible Parade of Sail launches. This is a parade on the water like you’ve never seen it before, with over 200 boats and vessels. There will be numerous tall ships present, which is part of what this event is famous for.

Attendees can also board ships like The Spirit of Norfolk or the Victory Rover Naval Base Cruise and enjoy the incredible craftsmanship and design from close up. These boats make for top-notch vantage points to enjoy the Parade of Sail. There is also Battleship Wisconsin; a massive historic battleship kept in perfect condition.

Even if you don’t love the water, there’s a lot to enjoy at Harborfest. Head to Town Point Park to enjoy live music that will keep the energy high and festival-style food and drink that will get your mouth watering. There are fun activities for children and much to enjoy for adults, so this occasion is perfect for people of all ages.

Norfolk Harborfest takes place from June 10th-12th and is a family-friendly, exciting occasion with something for everyone. It is a great celebration of Virginia and Norfolk’s waterfront appeal.

Source: Norfolk Festevents (Facebook page)

The appeal of Virginia Waterfront Living

There is so much to love about Virginia’s waterfront living. For starters, the weather in Virginia remains either hot or mild throughout the year. It is the ideal weather for those that love nothing more than kicking back by the water with a good book or going for a good swim. There are also numerous Virginia communities set right on the water.

Places like Virginia Beach come to mind. Virginia Beach is a stunning city with miles of picturesque East Coast beach, only a short distance from Norfolk. This beautiful city has an incredible history, with First Landing State Park marking the spot where the Jamestown Colonists arrived in 1607. The city is extremely popular for boating and waterfront activities.

There are countless other Virginia towns and cities set on the water. One other notable destination is Hampton, a picturesque city based on the Chesapeake Bay. Hampton isn’t famed for its beaches like Virginia Beach and isn’t as much of a tourism hotspot, but it is a vibrant and fun city with an appealing setting. Hampton has a great arts community, numerous festivals, and several marinas and boat launches for residents to take advantage of the location.

Virginia is a state with a perfect location for those that enjoy the water. It has several islands and peninsulas, numerous beach tourist towns, and incredible nautical history. Virginia’s waterfront appeal is incredibly strong with events like Harborfest and cities like Norfolk, Virginia Beach, and Hampton.

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