The 2024 Wine Festival of Colorado Springs Will Present The Wines of New Zealand

Colorado Springs

The 32nd annual Wine Festival of Colorado Springs is set to enchant attendees while contributing to the Colorado Springs Conservatory. Scheduled from Wednesday, February 28th, to Saturday, March 2nd, this event is a celebration of mouthwatering spirits, culinary delights, and vibrant entertainment. 

Grand tastings featuring food, music, and seminars on wine and cheese pairings merely scratch the surface of what this festival offers. Sponsored by companies such as Southwest Airlines, The Broadmoor, and Morgan Stanley, this year’s event beautifully honors the exquisite wines of New Zealand. 

The impressive lineup begins with the Wine Fest Spirits Celebration on Wednesday, followed by Pop Fizz Clink, a sparkling wine-tasting seminar on Thursday. Friday’s events include the Winemaker Luncheon featuring guest chefs, The Wonderful Wines of New Zealand tasting and appreciation seminar, and The Grand Tasting wine soiree with food and music. 

On Saturday, to conclude the wine festival on a high note, there’s Wine and Cheese: The Ultimate Match, a pairing seminar. The Gala Dinner & Live Auction follows, featuring a five-course gourmet dinner with guest winemakers. 

Attendees can look forward to special guest appearances, including viticulturist Sara Stocker and acclaimed winemakers Simon Buck, Paddy Borthwick, Willie Trew, Rod McDonald, Magnus Riddiford, and Josh Scott. 

Other highlights of the festival include original dishes crafted by world-renowned chefs, cocktail demonstrations by Pouring Parlour mixologists, and a selection of champagnes from around the globe. 

Sold separately for each event, ticket prices range from $40 to $250 per adult. 

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