Spring Design Trends by Lynne Tocchet, Director of Interior Design at Pacaso

Image credit: James Nathan Schroder

1. COLOR!!!

The most impactful trend that will be easily felt this Spring season is the resurgence of color. Warm jewel tones will be seen in rich hues such as burnt orange throw pillows on the sofa and bedding with deep blue and green accent patterns. The translation of the world’s need for warmth and comfort will bring back a very happy pallet of color for spring! White, white, white, is out, out, out!!!

Image credit: Simon Watson

2. Brown tones

Our desire for warmth and comfort is driving this Spring trend of mixing wood tones in all different shades of brown, creating a sense of peacefulness. The layering of textures we saw last Spring with white and natural textiles to create depth in a space, takes a bigger leap with furniture. Antique pieces, one of a kind casegoods, and wood furniture with personality are making a big comeback! Don’t be afraid to mix warm wood tones and go back to the soothing hues of years past.

Image credit: Brian Paquette Interiors

3. Natural Elements

Redoing your kitchen this spring? My guess is you will skip over the sterile white quartz/marble selections and go straight to the hard surfaces with a more organic and softer feel. The depth and movement of travertine and the natural patterns of unreplicable granite slabs are this Spring’s go-tos. Blurring the lines between the inside and outside is on the frontline as we try to make our interiors more reflective of the nature around us, and our exteriors as livable as our interiors. Aragonite and Onyx bowls are a hot commodity this season so if you can find one grab it for your kitchen counter and fill it with some decorative fossilized wood spheres! Bright pillows and rugs that are performance/UV grade will shock you when the tag reads indoor/outdoor but don’t be afraid to go there. They are made to withstand the elements..at least during the Spring and Summer seasons!

Image credit: Anthony Masterson

4. Place with purpose

While we feel ourselves wanting to declutter spaces and pull objects out of rotation, this is not an effort to sterilize spaces and wipe them of their vibrance as we did in the past. Quite the opposite..the rule of thumb for Spring is ‘Place with Purpose”. Clear away the clutter but thoughtfully put back or buy new accessories that make sense and have meaning. Simplify..but have an agenda. Place the wooden bowl that has been collecting forgotten objects close to your shared kitchen workspace and fill with something that is easily and quickly removed. Turning it upside down and placing your laptop on it will help to get the optimal camera height when your boss suddenly puts an urgent zoom on your calendar!

Image credit: Jay Wilde
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