Prime Locations in Ontario

Niagara Falls | Image credit: Rafik Wahba

Ontario is Canada’s most populated province, housing many of its biggest cities and most significant cultural destinations. It is Canada’s economic and political center, and is filled with natural beauty, comprising thick forests, more than 100,000 lakes, and some of the world’s most famous natural sites. 

Ontario has many towns and cities in prime locations offering residents an array of lifestyle attractions. Let’s look at some of the communities in this province that present lifestyle benefits ranging from natural attractions to economic incentives.



Toronto is Canada’s biggest city, a center of culture and business that offers residents numerous lifestyle benefits. It is known for its world-famous food scene, with more than a dozen Michelin-starred restaurants, and some of the best shopping destinations in the country in Yorkville and the Eaton Centre. Toronto’s thriving economy provides residents with access to Toronto’s booming tech and finance job market. 

Eaton Centre


Oakville is west of Toronto within the Greater Toronto Area, a large city home to more than 200,000 residents. It is known for its scenic parks and residential neighborhoods that provide enticing real estate options. Oakville’s busy downtown includes high-end shopping and dining destinations and historical architecture. It is an affluent suburb that also houses the offices of many high-powered businesses. 



Niagara-on-the-Lake is a gorgeous community based along the shores of Lake Ontario. Its quaint old town, historical buildings, and its flourishing theater scene spotlighted by the annual Shaw Festival attract many visitors. Also, its location in the heart of the Niagara region allows it to be surrounded by the wineries the area is known for. 



Kincardine is a tranquil community along the shores of Lake Huron. Kincardine is known for its beautiful sandy beaches, which get crowded during the summer, and its hiking trails by the water. It is a popular destination with renowned live theater performances throughout the year, fun town festivals, and a high-quality food scene. 



Hamilton is a massive city along the Niagara Escarpment, which offers residents many beautiful nearby natural attractions. It is a large urban environment with an industrial past, but today, Hamilton is known for its thriving arts scene, top-notch shops, and many restaurants. Perfectly situated between the Niagara region and Toronto, Hamilton residents have easy access to two of Ontario’s top destinations.

Sherman Falls, Hamilton

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is a city named for its famous waterfall. Niagara Falls is obviously the big attraction here, bringing in huge numbers of tourists to witness one of the world’s most spectacular sights. But there is much more to see and do here. Niagara Falls is a hotspot for gambling, with some of the province’s largest casinos, as well as live entertainment and fine dining. 

Niagara Falls | Image credit: BUDDHI Kumar SHRESTHA


Brampton is a rapidly-growing part of the Greater Toronto Area, a burgeoning suburb home to more than 600,000 residents. Brampton is known for its excellent parks system, including the picturesque Gage Park, as well as its many museums and art galleries. The food scene in Brampton is one of the best in Ontario, as the city’s multicultural population is well-represented in the array of international flavors found at the city’s many restaurants. 

Gage Park | Image credit: Jeremy Horvatin


Huntsville is the largest town in Muskoka, one of Ontario’s most famous regions that serves as a popular summer playground. Surrounded by lakes, Huntsville is a core part of Ontario’s cottage country and a hotspot for boating and fishing. Huntsville’s downtown, lined with restaurants and bars, is the host of the popular summer Festival of Arts, which highlights the local arts scene.

Town Hall, Huntsville