Premier Waterfront Neighborhoods Across Canada

Downtown Halifax | Chen Liu

For many, living by the water is the ultimate choice. Let’s explore top waterfront neighborhoods across Canada.

Downtown Halifax, NS

Downtown Halifax, filled with charming condos and townhouses, lies along the shores of Halifax Harbor. Historic buildings overlook the water, along with beer gardens, vibrant bars, and an array of restaurants serving delicious food.

Downtown Halifax | snap shoot

Rossdale, AB

Rossdale, a historic enclave in Edmonton, is nestled within the city’s river valley along the North Saskatchewan River. It features scenic waterfront green spaces and grand historic homes that are among the most sought-after in the city. 

Inglewood, AB

Inglewood, located along the Bow River in Calgary, is a trendy destination perfect for a shopping spree or food tour. Known for its many vintage stores, boutiques, and diverse eateries, it attracts a youthful crowd. Inglewood thrives with an excellent arts scene, several live entertainment venues, and picturesque waterside parks. 

Inglewood | Colleen Vaughan-Goss

Exchange District, MB

The Exchange District is a historic part of Winnipeg along the Red River. This community, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, features numerous buildings well over a century old. Originally Winnipeg’s downtown, it continues to be a bustling hub for commerce and culture. It offers acclaimed local dining options, waterfront green spaces, and an array of attractive residential options overlooking the area’s winding waterways.

Winnipeg | Mahesh Gupta

Central Business District, SK

Straddling the shores of the South Saskatchewan River, the Central Business District in Saskatoon serves as the bustling heart of Saskatchewan’s largest city. As the city’s cultural and economic epicenter, it houses offices, shops, and restaurants, attracting a significant population of young professionals. Picturesque parks and trails are near the water, including Kiwanis Memorial Park. 

Saskatoon | Ruvim Kerimov