Pool Design Trends in 2023

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Well over a century ago, swimming pools became a sought-after home feature among buyers. Since then, swimming pool design has undergone dramatic shifts, and owner preferences have evolved from year to year. For homeowners and designers striving to remain up to date, let’s look at some of the most significant current trends in swimming pool design and layout.

Tanning Ledges

A tanning ledge is a long and shallow shelf that allows people to comfortably sit back and relax in their pool. Tanning ledges are available in varying sizes, from cozy seating for two to an area spacious enough to accommodate a lounge chair and umbrella stand.  For families, tanning ledges provide the added benefit of creating a shallow space in which young children can safely play (while still supervised, of course).

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Sustainable Features

Many homeowners are embracing the concept of natural swimming pools. Instead of using chlorine, these pools have regeneration zones populated by aquatic plants that naturally filter the water. Although the water may not exhibit the same crystal-clear appearance, natural pools remain remarkably clean and have no environmentally harmful chemicals.

Darker Pool Floors and Walls

The traditional pool often has a color palette that leans toward shades of light blue. However, many people are now choosing to include darker hues in their pool design. An increasing number of pool owners are opting for dark blues, greens, grays, or even black, resulting in a distinct and unique appearance for their pool. 

Cold Plunge Pools

Having a hot tub by the pool has been trending for years, but now, many are choosing to go in the other direction. Cold plunge pools, compact and tub-sized, are maintained at temperatures ranging from 50 to 59 degrees Fahrenheit. These frigid pools are renowned for their various wellness benefits, from reducing inflammation to providing a significant endorphin rush. They also serve as an excellent method to invigorate your mornings.

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Squares and Rectangles Rather Than Circles and Ovals

In lieu of the decades-long popularity of pools with rounded edges, typically shaped as an oval or circle, a growing number of new pool owners are craving more of a sleek, modern look. They are implementing pools with straight lines throughout, often adopting square or rectangular shapes. This design choice results in stylish, contemporary pools that align with current aesthetics, diverging from the traditional rounded appearance.

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Combine Fire and Water

Fire pits have stood out as one of the most popular outdoor design trends in recent years. Now, an intriguing fusion of fire and water is catching the attention of pool owners. By thoughtfully situating areas that can safely contain fires along the edges of the pool, an enticing ambiance is further amplified. These areas can be outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, or torches, and they perfectly add nighttime lighting as well as a sense of gravity to the backyard’s aesthetic. This unique and trendy addition is popping up in more and more outdoor spaces.

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More Lighting Features

Effective lighting can not only create an appealing ambiance, but also enhance safety. Pool owners have an abundance of innovative choices in the realm of pool lighting. Options such as underwater LED lighting, floating lights, and in-ground lighting surrounding the pool’s edges contribute to a picturesque setting. For those seeking a distinctive touch, color-changing lights are also available, adding a unique atmosphere to the pool area.

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